Why People In India Are Still So Hesitant Of Saying The Word Condom

being hesitant towards condoms

Being hesitant towards condoms – While we as a country think that we are progressing every day, there are still some things that are considered as a taboo.

Be it the notion of sex or even using or saying condom, it has never changed along with the times. Yes, many things have changed and people have started to say it out loud but I don’t know why there is still some hesitation around a thing that is meant to save you from sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

So, what can be the reasons behind people still being hesitant towards condoms in our society? Let’s take a guess here:

It is connected to sex

To be honest, using the word condom comes way after because the first thing that Indians are more hesitant towards is the word sex. Try to talk to a common man about sex, and his expressions will change like you are talking about murder. In fact, they don’t say the word ‘sex’ when they are talking about the same as they prefer using synonyms. So, when it comes to saying ‘condom’ they feel like it is some sort of terror weapon that they are not supposed to talk about. Maybe, our notions surrounding sex haven’t changed yet.

Because the society won’t accept

A person talking about condom, specifically a woman is something that the society is not ready for. You say the word condom and they will give you looks that could actually feel. They think of condom as a word that should only be used in private between a couple and it’s been years but I am still trying to get my head around it. Why is it a private word? It is just like any product that you use for your own well-being, so why do you have to worry about it so much?

People will judge your character

Yes, it happens and you can ask this from any girl who has ever tried buying a condom in India. Every time a girl walks into a pharmacy to buy a condom, people look at her like she is there to steal someone. In fact, some even consider you a slut for buying a condom, because they don’t think you fit well to ‘sanskari’ type. And when it is a guy buying condoms, he will be looked at with suspicion whether he is married or not. That’s how it works in India, isn’t it?

I don’t know if you are one of those being hesitant towards condoms  or not, I want you to saying it frequently just for the sake of it. Say it till people don’t consider it as normal as any other thing in this world.

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