Badass Answers AF To Give People Who Say Your Dress Is “too short or small”

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Badass answers – In today’s modern world every girl would love to dress up herself in the best modern outfit. And when I talk about ‘modern outfit’, yes I talk about really modern ones that are sometimes really small 😉 We would love  to choose and wear with our own choices that without someone constantly bugging us saying do this – do that – wear this – wear that – be this – own this and the list goes on.

And just then we feel giving them all kinds of badass answers when they remind us about lengths. Check out what they could be like.

Badass answers – 

  1. Could you please tell me, why is my dress your concern?

Seriously, I just don’t understand why you behave so weird as if I’ve got this dress for you to put on? I bought it for myself and nothing could stop me from wearing it.

  1. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn actually no f***s to give!

I really hope you get that I don’t give a damn on what you talk about length of my dress.

  1. My private parts need to breath, this gets the air flowing right there!

Yes, I will wear these one piece gowns.

  1. Agree my dress is small I like it that way but what about your brain; it’s getting smaller day by day!

I know damn my dress is short and I love flaunting my legs!

  1. When did I ask you for your opinion?!

Yes, when did I really ask you, your opinion about my dress? Never did I do that. But you constantly love to bug my head.

  1. I am rebelling against the tyranny of pants.

Dude, this is the trend. Why do you expect me to wear a pant on this one piece mini? The oldest kind of brain you’ve got. For God sake, please get updated!

  1. If my short dress bothers you, why the hell are you still ogling?

I see you don’t know about something called ‘ignorance’. If my dress is bothering you so much, ignore it – just ignore my presence too. I damn care. Well I know I am “Hot” you don’t have to ogle at me

  1. Thanks heaven you told! As if I am blind!

Lol! I pretty well know what I wear and how that looks on me.

     9. I am sorry if I ever gave you the impression that I cared for your opinion, but I give a f***!

You gotta understand by now, I damn don’t care, for what you think about my dress.

    10. Please shut your brain and mouth as stupidity is oozing out and leaking!

Stay away stupidity is contagious!

These badass answers to that person constantly bugging you about the length of your dress will make their mouths shut for life-time. Time for you girl, to slay the look in those hot dresses 😉

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