And It “Happens Again” In England


“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
― Isaac Asimov

The world right now is suffering from a lot of problems that involve violence. The political unrest in many countries like Syria, Israel, Afghanistan, etc. have caused massive violence among the people and taken many innocent lives. Similarly, the world has turned into a global village due to globalization and liberalization and somehow has made communication easy. But even then, somehow the humanity seems to be losing its importance. There have been zillions of cases in recent times where the Indians have been recklessly beaten up by the people in foreign countries be it Australia or America. Even after such advancement we are still entangled in petty issues of racism and religion.

A recent case this time has been reported from Birmingham, England. An Indian Sikh man has been beaten up ruthlessly by the local people. The video has gone viral on social media and this time again the crowd stood as mere spectator to the harsh incident. People didn’t even bother to stop the fight and peace out among the people. In the video you will see the victim struggling alone while fighting the attackers.

While the victim is still unidentified, the shocking part is that the West Midlands police claim the video to be 6 months old. The reason of the whole incident still remains unclear, though many people claim that the root cause can be racism and on the basis of religion, as per the tone of the video. What is more shocking is that the victim alone is trying to fight against the group of people during the attack and not a single person showed up from the crowd to help.

This is not for the first time that these kinds of attacks have come into the light. There have been many cases where Indians have lost their life in such brutal attacks. The main question that arises here is about proper actions taken against the accused. Few days back, the much talked about documentary, ‘India’s Daughter’ was released and banned in India, which depicted the whole incident of the 16th December rape case. The documentary tells about the harsh realities and the mentality of the Indian society.

But then, I would like to ask BBC, why don’t they make a documentary on such incidents taking place on their own ground? Why don’t they bring out the facts and mentality of the people in their own country? It is very easy to raise voice against something wrong but at the same, it is very difficult to realize the mistake and work towards it.

Hope things get better in the near future and humanity is saved by the so called peace-makers who are working against such incidents!


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