6 WTF News Stories That News Channels Showed Ever


Our nation is facing severe atrocities at all socio-economic-political levels. But instead mainstream media chooses most of the time to show irrelevant debates (hardly there are news bulletins) or news reports on some trivial & sensational news item which has almost no impact on present and future of India.

In the rat race to reach the top spot and to get TRPs news houses are sacrificing real and in detailed news. Tabloid journalism by news channels have gained momentum and this has led to more and more bizarre and sensational news coverage.

Here some embarrassing and trivial news stories that Indian news channels ever covered:

  1. When A Missing Dog Became National Breaking News on Star News

It’s not that dogs are not important but if you go by news value, this story for sure cannot be prime time news in one of the reputed cable news network. The headlines were shouting the following statement.

“Commissioner’s dog. Missing since 25th March”,
“Breaking News: Commissioner’s dog found”


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