UPA’s election fever: Vote quest in policy and action

Not leaving a single small section dissatisfied, the UPA government is devising and passing vote-attracting policies in the last minute.

The UPA government is going all out to woo its voters. Not leaving a single small section dissatisfied, the government is devising and passing vote-attracting policies in the last minute. Also, it is trying its best to woo allies too.

The recent in the pack of its kitty is a big bonanza for the government employees. Another is a gift for future allies in the form of an ordinance to save tainted politicians.

The Prime Minister has set up the 7th pay commission which will ensure sustenance for the government employees in this inflated economy. The major sop that UPA government brought recently was the food bill. It was followed by land bill, hawker’s bill and manual scavenger bill all passed in this monsoon session.

The ordinance for the convicted politicians was cleared by the cabinet yesterday only as the sword was hanging very low on Congress’ very own Rashid Masood and  RJD Lalu Prasad Yadav who was UPA’s favourite rail minister during hay days.

Prime minister, in particular has been trying his best to show scam-hit UPA in good light. For that, he has started speaking awfully lot of late.

Not only he chose the stage of Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Diwas to start food security scheme, he tried to woo minorities by his speech which urged political parties to spread communal harmony. It later figured in his National Integration Council speech too, but the context and audience was very different.

Although our Prime Minister is quite happy to “work under Shri Rahul Gandhiji’, he has to be answerable for other things. He was docked for the missing coal files by the united opposition. But he got away with his lame statements. Not only this, he remained in his old state (yes quietness!) on the matter of falling rupee, rising food prices and repeated breach of ceasefire by the neighbouring Pakistan.

There  was also news that the government was going to bend on US demands bypassing the nuclear liability bill. It was also proved by a leaked circular inside the ministry speaking the same.

However, his men kept the fort going by issuing ridiculous statements. While Kapil Sibal enlightened that government did not sell onions, Veerappa Moily thought of shutting down the petrol pumps at night to conserve fuel.

Meanwhile, our dear PM woke up from the snooze and told worried people that he finally recognised there was some problem. But it did not help.

He went to console the people of Muzaffarnagar, victim of communal clashes and utter misgovernance by the Uttar Pradesh governmet. But he did not choose to go there as PM. He took the heir apparent and the queen along. The very next day at the NIC meeting, he imparted a lesson to the audience there, “Let’s not take political mileage out of communal violence.”

The Supreme Court had ruled that convicted lawmakers will not be able to contest election again. But the government went ahead with an ordinance which is lying on the President’s table now.

In all, UPA’s hypocrisy is out in the public. With the leaked internal army report on VK Singh and department formed by him, it has opened the pandora box. Every action of UPA and its crusaders is eveywhere in the media. If the UPA’s strategy was to open the goodie box at the last moment, it needs to think again. While its policies speak of vote, its action demand punishment.

All the common man can do is to enjoy the immediate benefits. The long term damage done by UPA, however, will become the headache of the next government.

Will it be someone else or UPA again is a matter to wait for.

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