Did PM Modi Just Plan A Perfect Revenge On The US? Well, Not Really.

We can simply dwell in the fact that it is just a bad timing.

For all those years of irrational humiliation that the United States of America imposed upon him by denying him a visa, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has planned a perfect lesson to counter its arrogance.

He is going to make it hard for the US President Barack Obama and the senators of the US Congress to swallow anything in his presence quite literally.

Apparently, PM Modi’s annual ritual of ‘nakkoda’ fast during navratri coincides with his visit to the US.

He has been observing every navratri for the past 35 years — nine days of drinking only water and strict adherence to yoga, meditation and puja at dusk.

This year, this fast begins a day before he leaves for the US on September 26.

It is believed that Obama will host a banquet at WHite House in honour of Modi on September 29 evening.

Although, there is a shortcut to the vrats, where people eat ‘Navratra Thalis’, so that they do not miss on the funfairs of the nine day long festivity.

But PM Modi believes in a stricter form of penance.

This (future) incidence, however, has given some quite interesting masala to the media which can thrive on the many angles of it for those nine days.

Well, for starters, the media can question PM Modi’s insensitivity towards the minority community as he did not throw an iftar party during Ramzan and here he is fasting for nine days!

How dare he continue this ritual even after becoming a PM?

How can he show his religious alignment?

He should have better remained like that robot which never showed his emotions and reserved his religious sentiments only for the Italian Goddess.

And how dare he continue this gimmick after presenting Geeta to practically whoever he meets?

Also, some can raise a hue and cry and term this incidence as a sure shot sign of PM Modi being a ‘Fasist’ (ehm).

Some media houses can praise him for literally standing firm on his words where he had promised “Na khaunga, na khaane doonga” (Won’t eat, will not let others eat). Afterall, it will look so weird to eat in front of a person who is on a fast.

Some may even call this a deliberate attempt to teach the US and its arrogant Congress a lesson (just like we started). Of course, imagine the situation where it would become practically hard for the US Prez to chew on the goodies that first lady Michelle Obama is learnt to have planned on preparing with the chefs.

Funny! Very funny!!

But we can simply dwell in the fact that it is just a bad timing.

If Modi won’t eat in Obama’s banquet, he will also not be able to eat in the banquet hosted by hundreds of NRIs. And there is always an option of fruits and juices.

So, don’t worry! Our dear PM will not remain hungry, and neither will others because of him.

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