Ansari And Rowling Burst Murdoch On His Racist Tweets On Muslims Following Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack

Rupert Murdoch has again spurred a massive controversy starting Saturday with his hate comments on Twitter as a reaction to last week’s ghastly terror attack on #CharlieHebdo officials in Paris …

After much condemnation from the British parliamentary committee and the entire media fraternity for hacking the voicemail of Milly Dowler’s murdered daughter, Media magnate and Business tycoon, Rupert Murdoch has again spurred a massive controversy starting Saturday with his hate comments on Twitter as a reaction to last week’s ghastly terror attack on #CharlieHebdo officials in Paris suggesting that all Muslims should be held responsible for the “big jihadist danger” and the “growing jihadist cancer” that they have disseminated across the globe.

The French satirical weekly magazine, ‘Charlie Hebdo’ was the victim of the atrocious terrorism menace, suggestively on account of their cartoons questioning the Islam religion and the ideologies of Prophet Mohammad. Twelve people were killed including ten staff members of the weekly and eleven others were left injured. This attack is reportedly suspected to be a planned one by the terrorist outfit, Al Qaeda involving two brothers, Said and Sharif Kouachi, who were later killed by the French police officers, only after they managed to hold five people as hostages in a grocery store in Paris.

The micro-blogging site is swarming with comments showing condemnation and rage at the racially discriminating opinions and mind-set of Murdoch. Famous for his controversies more than his work, Murdoch has certainly created a rage on the micro-blogging site with people re-tweeting his comments even more than 7000 times especially under the hashtag #RupertsFault that has been started by the famous comedian and actor, Aziz Ansari. Ansari came up with several tweets questioning Murdoch on his annoying comments and his narrow racial outlook over 1.6 billion Muslims whom he deems responsible for the attack. Not only did he describe Murdoch as evil and ask him if he is responsible for all the evils that people of his religion (Christianity) commit, Ansari also went on to comment mockingly on the hacking scandal Murdoch and his associates from News International were involved in.

However, Ansari claimed that he is not against any religion and neither is he religious himself, but, wants to enlighten the masses on the ignorance Murdoch has been spreading on Twitter and his racist or particularly anti-Muslim outlook. Ansari’s comments came while he was present for the Golden Globe Awards, where he even frankly asked Murdoch in his tweets that what action the media conglomerate has taken on the several crimes that Christians have committed so far.

Ansari’s massive fan following on Twitter (approx. 4.9 million followers) took to the social media site in support of the comedian, accusing Murdoch of all possible wrong things that happen in the world. Ansari too joined in the blame game saying that it was Murdoch’s fault why he has not been able to enjoy the Golden Globes.

Even the Harry Potter writer, J.K. Rowling resorted to Twitter to express her disappointment and opinion on the whole Murdoch incident. She sneered at him saying that since she shares the same faith of Christianity with Murdoch, she does not want to share the blame for all that he says or does and would give up Christianity if it could stand for not being responsible for the News Corp boss’ actions. She also asked Murdoch if she should take the blame for all actions of violence by some Christians.

Murdoch even tried to clarify and portray a different image of his outlook and thoughts on Muslims by tweeting:

However, Ansari could see beyond the lies and hypocrisy.

The whole episode brings to light how even educated and established people can have crooked mindsets and twisted ideology issues that even become racist after a point of time. Kudos to Ansari and Rowling for making people aware of the right method of looking at things and for taking powerful jibes at Murdoch to open his eyes to how wrong his comments have been!

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