These Tools Would Help Assess the Efficiency of Your Website

Website analysis tools – We explore the most popular tools that help to recognize shortcomings, analyse and help website owners reach out to their targeted visitors.

Building a website is imperative for today’s business. Most organizations indulge in E-commerce and others use their websites as an effective marketing tool.

The job does not get over by building the website. It is crucial to keep tab on the website’s performance and the return on the investment made.

Creation of the website is a simple process. Though, creating a successful website which has a good visibility is a cumbersome process which requires professional assistance.

We list below some of the tools that analyze websites and point out the shortcomings.

1)  Google Analytics:

This is one of the most advanced software for analyzing websites. It gives a detailed report about the visitors who visited the website. It provides information about the source of the traffic, the links they visited, and when they left the site. The software also offers data about the revenue generated on the portal.



2)   Crazy Egg:

This software offers the same features as Google Analytics. In addition, it also provides a report which specifies the parts of the site on which a visitor clicked, apart from links. This gives the website owner an idea of the most popular segment of his site. Crazy Egg also gives information as to which visitor went through the full page and who did not. This helps the owner to understand as to how many people are reading the full content and who are disinterested.



3)   GMetrix:

This software measures the download speed of a website. It then categorizes it as good or bad. If the speed is not satisfactory it gives suggestions to improvise on the same. A few common recommendations for improvisations include optimizing images, minimizing CSS & HTML, leveraging browser caching, and more.



4)   SEO Toolbar by SEO Book:

This software generates a report about the Google ranking of the website, the links that lead to the site, number of visitors, revenue generation, and more.



5)   WooRank:

This software guarantees an “instant website review”. It generates one free report every week and gives data regarding the website’s performance. It provides 5 tips that would help the portal to perform better. 


In today’s era, it is extremely vital to have a website that has a good search engine ranking. If website owners abide by the suggestions and results generated by the above-mentioned tools, then they can surely improve the performance of their portals.

Use the tools mentioned above and see your business prosper!


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