Microsoft Turns Cooler With Amazing Out-Of-The-Box Features For Its Newest Upgrade, Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with newest technological update: Windows 10, that brings a plethora of business and consumer-centric features along with it,

If you thought where was Microsoft when tech biggies came up with curved TV sets, wearable gadgets, and advanced operating systems, here comes Microsoft’s newest technological update: Windows 10.

And the best part is that if you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on your PC, you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 and that too for free for a whole year!

Now Windows would no longer be an expensive upgrade and this availability made by Microsoft is similar to what Apple has done with OS X and iOS as well as Google’s Android venture.

Not only on your desktop or laptop, Windows 10 will be available on all your Windows devices, be it your smartphone.


The tech giant has also promised phones based on Windows 10. Other than that, Windows is available on Nokia Lumia 930 and HTC One.

February might be the time when Microsoft releases the preview for Windows 10 on mobile.

For all you game-addicts out there, Microsoft is bringing a treat with Windows 10. The company will add a Xbox app for all its Windows devices. Even the Xbox One Console will be upgraded to Windows 10. Xbox One and Windows both will have game streaming just like the PlayStation 4. Now you can stream games on your Windows device directly form Xbox One console. If you have the same games on both your Windows PC and X Box One, you will be able to play the games online now.  

Another device called DirectX12 has been launched by Microsoft claiming exceptional and intense graphic performance on any hardware. This device has also been developed keeping in mind gaming on mobiles that are heavily dependent on the processing performance of the CPU and the battery levels. Direct X12 is claimed to be providing about 50 percent better performance.

These facilities are sure to turn down some of Apple’s flagship devices and features.

Now Internet Explorer will not be the only browser by Microsoft, as the company is coming up with Project Spartan that will be readily available on both Mobile and PC. This browser has a power-packed engine for rendering data, a more organized and user-friendly interface, a reading list and a reading mode. There is an in-built virtual assistant just like Microsoft’s Cortana but a better upgrade of the same. This one-of-a-kind web browser (Spartan) brings you digital inking facility and the privilege to write annotations. It is sure to replace Internet Explorer in the near future, the browser that has been Microsoft’s patent since 1995.


Microsoft will also introduce a Surface Hub. If you are wondering what this is, it is an 84-inch computer along with intelligent sensors, internal processing hardware and cameras. The big screen acts like a whiteboard, and also supports Microsoft OneNote, working with a digital pen. You can now easily use this device for meetings and presentations, where video conferencing is also possible in business meetings through its Skype connectivity.

Just like Google has come up with Siri, Microsoft had earlier come up with Cortana but now it plans to make the service more intelligent and customised as per user needs. Windows 10 brings to you a more intelligent and smart Cortana that can reach your documents and files stored on OneDrive. Cortana is now also available with Windows 10 Maps. You have a virtual tracker with Cortana that will track things from what it has been processed to track and also what the user might be interested to know about through his/her device.

Earlier, Microsoft had enabled its Office Suite free for Android and iOS users, however the same could not be said for Windows phones. The Office Suite facilities were better for both Android and iOS users, where Windows phones lagged behind. However, understanding the need of the hour, Microsoft has come up with improved versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook where touch facilities are enabled. Now you can format and design these Office apps on your Windows phone just like you desired it to be. There is an added Word engine for Microsoft Outlook that will be similar to typing on Word on a PC with all the similar tools and programmes that your PC Word has. These apps are also enabled to print documents free from the hassle of wires.

Microsoft is also to bring a feature namely Continuum that will make your Windows interface similar to the old Desktop browser interface. This feature will automatically detect if there is a touchscreen device added or if the user is working on USB Keyboard and Mouse. For the people using the latter (Keyboard and Mouse), Microsoft has come up with ‘Start Screen’ option to help people liking Windows 8.1 interface to switch to the newest UI even if they are using a desktop.

Microsoft’s Charms Menu for windows 10 will now show controls for sharing, settings, search and notifications bar. Earlier, the Search option that appeared on the bar below will now be visible on the taskbar along with integrated Cortana function. Microsoft has also brought together the settings menu with the control panel.

Last but no the least, another innovative feature of Microsoft has been the HoloLens that looks like coming straight out if the sci-fi movies such as the Star Trek or Iron Man series. This is a wearable gadget that can run Windows apps using its Holographic Application Programming Language or API. This is a completely out-of-the-box device with holographic computing and will bridge the seemingly thin line between the real and virtual world. The device does not work on a CPU; it has its own Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) with a myriad of sensors that will detect and analyse your gestures and sound in the real world, where a new variety of Skype app and a HoloStudio app has been designed for the HoloLens, enabling you to build up virtual things, maybe in the image of the real object or a complete prototype or something absolutely new and unseen, all in the virtual world. You can now also make these virtual objects come real as they can be 3D Printed. The big techie is now in association with NASA to build a new variant of Minecraft game for a wearable gadget.

With all these consumer and business-oriented features with the new Microsoft Windows 10, are you not in eager wait for holding the Windows 10 phone in your palms or using the upgraded Windows 10 on your PC? Well, the wait is not for very long as these features are soon to be a part of the consumer market with Microsoft announcing in its Washington event that later this year all these features are to show up!

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