Be In Control Of Your Own Or Someone Else’s Mobile Phone Using These Bizarre Apps

How to lock others mobile – We bring 4 apps ‘“ 2 of which users can use to lock their phones and 2 apps with which they can lock the phones of others!

There are numerous apps available today.

From students to professionals and from homemakers to toddlers there is an app for everybody. These apps perform various tasks and they have certainly made our lives effortless.

Amongst gaming apps, informative apps, recipe apps, and more there are many bizarre apps too. One such set includes apps using which users can lock their own or a desired person’s mobile phone!

We bring 4 such popular apps that people use for locking phones. Out of these, 2 apps are for users who wish to genuinely use these apps to lock their phone for privacy and 2 are for parents who wish to keep a tab on their children.

1).  Auto-Pocket Lock:

Locking the mobile phone is crucial, though most of us forget to do it. This app automatically locks the phone when the user keeps it in his pocket and unlocks it when he brings it out! The app uses the Smartphone accelerometer & proximity sensors to sense the location and automatically locks & unlocks it.

2).  Use Door Lock Phone:

Instead of a sliding lock or a password protected one, users can try this app which displays a door on the screen and the user needs to open it using the handle to unlock the phone!

3).  DinnerTime:

This app helps parents to control their child’s schedule. Parents can set various reminders, such as a reminder for study, for getting to bed, for meals, and more. The app has Bed Time, Dinner Time, and Take a Break control options. An advanced version of the app, called DinnerTime Plus comes with additional features. Parents can keep a control on their kid’s usage of the Smartphone and apps on it. They can block apps on the child’s phone and can also keep a record of the device usage.

4).  Ignore No More:

This one is again for parents who wish to keep strict control on their child’s movement and activities. This app compels the kid to return the missed call of his parents. If they fail to do this, they would not be able to make calls to any other number. They cannot even text or use any other app! 

There are a host of other apps that help people to lock phones. We chose 4 apps that according to us were unique, as well as useful.

We invite our readers to share with us apps that they use for privacy purposes or to keep others under their control!

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