Here’s how to boost your smartphones’ battery life

We give you some tips on boosting your smartphones’ battery life. Read on!

So you have got a fancy smartphone, but the battery conks off even before you can flaunt it to the world, right? We give you some tips to keep your phone’s battery from draining off. Read on!

Uninstall unwanted Apps:
Your Apps will drain more battery than you can imagine. Uninstall the ones you are not using to save maximum battery. Even though they are running in the background, they consume quite a bit of charge.

Brightness level:
Don’t get carried away by the auto brightness setting, manually set it to somewhere around 45% to boos the battery life. You can keep the fade level (screen timeout) to minimum too, it also help save the battery life. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi: When not in use, these features need to be turned off. GPS maps may be helpful for locating places, but it consumes a lot of charge.

Battery Doctor:
If you’re using a Android or iOS phone, you can download this App. It will tell you which of your Apps are consuming more battery life, so you can uninstall them.

Turn off the vibration:
Yes, when the phone is on vibration mode, it takes up more battery. So whenever possible, switch the mode to ringtone in order to conserve battery.

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