You Won’t Believe But This Is The Way Women Love

when a man cheats on

When a man cheats on – Women are strong and selfless creatures when it comes to love.

For them, once they have fallen in love, they just can’t control what goes on their heart and mind.

They love the man of their life like there is nothing else in this world and when it’s about doing sacrifices, they never back off. But what happens when a man cheats on the woman who is in love with him?

Well, some may leave them after huge fights and some might just hang on to them because losing hope on love is not a thing. Now, you may not believe it but there’s a woman who loved a man even after being cheated on.

Yes, it happened and she shared her story with all of us and it is heartbreaking. What happen when a man cheats on.

“I and my lover dated each other for a long time before getting hitched. We had all that it takes to be a great couple, from affection to understanding to sentiment. Yes, we used to argue a lot too yet that began once we got hitched and that too on frivolous issues. Be that as it may, after being married for straight 5 years, things began to change. We had a child and we were a happy family, however, he began acting weird. He used to come late and go early and he quit talking to me by any means.

One day, he forgot his telephone at home and it kept buzzing continuously. I picked the call and there was this young lady who asked him what the arrangements are for today and she even called him with romantic names. Being interested, I checked his messages and there it was, the entire story, in that spot before me. He was cheating on me with his client and I didn’t see it coming. I chose to speak with him about it and exactly when he returned home, I tried it but there was something on his face that made me stop.

This went on every day, I used to weep during the nights and wake up with a hope of talking to him about the issue. However, the minute I used to see him, I overlooked everything and concentrated on what I have. Presently, I realize that any other person in my place would have whipped the person however I just couldn’t. Perhaps, I was a lot in love with him and excessively frightened about leaving him. I realized that the minute I will tell him about me knowing stuff, he would leave me right away. Indeed, even the idea of being far from him killed me from inside. I truly loved him and I couldn’t consider even a solitary second without him. Since he has cheated on me, I am irate on him yet the love is truly not going anywhere.

One fine day, I found the courage to talk to him about everything and he was confused.

But what’s more shocking was that he asked me to take the decision and left the room. He gave no clarification, no apologies and not even a single expression of regret on his face. Possibly, that is the reason I didn’t let him know for one entire year. Since that is the slightest I would need to see from him. I can deal with anything other than the reality that he couldn’t care less about me any longer. Yes, we separated after that, however, I am still in love with him to such an extent that despite everything, I regret picking that call. Perhaps, all I needed was to be with him and not this weird feeling called DIVORCE.”

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