Thoughts Every Men Has When They Wake Up Next To Their Girl

Wake up next to the girl

Wake up next to the girl – There could be nothing better than waking up next to your girl.

It could be probably be the best, because that is the magic of the real bond. Guys love to wake up with his lady love beside him. This is no joke. You can ask them out. But Ive heard that men wake with with erections and so are horny. Is that the only thing in their mind when they wake up in the morning.

Come lets see what thoughts men have when they wake up next to the girl 😉

Wake up next to the girl –

  1. *Yawn* This is too cool, having her along with me on the bed – this very morning.

They would be happiest one, looking at their love getting some sleep.

  1. I remember last night and she was amazing!

Guys remind how amazing their last night was 😉 They admire their girl’s love for them.

  1. Aww, look at this cutie pie sleeping! And her nose.

They just love looking at their sleeping girl. Men find girls to be more cute while they are asleep.

  1. I Am just loving to see her smile away like a baby in her sleep. 

How cute she is and the smile that makes them fall crazy for you

  1. Ahh, Am horny!! And that’s getting more when shez tossing around on the bed!

Haha! They suddenly realise about their erections.

  1. Will she mind waking her up for some morning sex ! Definitely not! I see.

Men really don’t want to disturb his girl sleeping, for sex.

  1. Man!! She occupies almost all of the blanket

He realises that the blanket is totally with his girl. Poor guys 😉

  1. Mmm, I greatly feel horny today! Really got to do something.

Extra horny, haha they are when you are beside them.

  1. Maybe I just have to wake her up.

Finally realises that something should be done, before it’s late 😉

  1. God I thought, I was the only one horny, and surprising, my honey at my rescue.

Wakes her up! And to his astonishment, she too is horny.

  1. She is such a sweet! Morning sex is the best and so is she.

They feel lucky to have some morning sex with the best of you.

  1. Honey! Burnt enough calories for the day 😉 

*ShyingAway* Shall be get some sleep or would you like me to get you some coffee.

So these are some really cute thoughts men really have when they Wake up next to the girl. I know, you must be ready feeling *Aww, how sweet they are* Yes they are sweet and hot too =D

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