10 Things Only a Guy Who Like a Girl That is Already in a Relationship Will Relate To

Unrequited love has been killing people for ages, which is why the Taylor Swift songs ‘You are the reason for the teardrops on my guitar, the only wish that I keep wishing on a wishing star’ ring true with many of us. If a guy is in love with a girl who seems unattainable because she is tied in another relationship, there is a hollow feeling in his heart, the world seems desolate while he is stuck in the dingy place called friendzone and can’t escape her memories even if he tries. So, there is some emotional turbulence he’s put through and the pain looks perpetual.

Here are the things that a guy feels when the girl is unattainable for him:

Her perfection causes more heartache:

She is the woman of your dreams and you know she would rock your world if she belonged to you but destiny has other plans so you can’t do anything but being a mute spectator. Whatever she does for her boyfriend makes you fall in love with her all over again. But moving on seems hard too.

You will try to ignore her but miserably fail:

You will want to see through her but to no avail. However you try to carefully avoid her existence, her thought is the first thing you wake up to.

Her thoughts slowly claw in your throat:

She is what you wanted ever since you have known her. So loving her is a bittersweet symphony for you. You hate her for being with someone else but love her in the same vein.

Jealously wrecks your nerves:

The way she talks about him makes your blood boil in jealously. Also, you are jealous of the boy who calls her his woman.

You constantly want to profess your love:

Those three magical words always linger at the tip of your tongue and keeping them to yourself in emotional moments seems daunting. You bite your tongue and silence prevails.

You enjoy the attention she gives you anyway:

You have a hope nestled in your heart that someday you will win her over and you are ready to even devote your life for the purpose. But for now, you are happy that she is giving you the attention your heart craves for.

You imagine things up:

You interpret her harmlessly friendly gestures that she does to you because you want to perceive things your way. This way your heart is somewhat comforted.

You want her physical proximity:

Sometimes we crave for establishing physical intimacy with the person we adore, not necessarily sexual. You are always in the lookout for an opportune moment when you can feel her from a close.

You hate to see her cry:

Love has its own shortcomings, so if she even drops a single tear because of the other guy, you feel to replace his position in her life harder.

So, here is how you feel about that significant other when she is unattainable.


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