Ladies, Remove These 7 Types Of Partners Out Of Your Life!

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Types Of Partners – Ladies, we all deserve better, just like the men.

But in some cases, there are many people who don’t really understand this. So they tend to take advantage of us, by using us, abusing us…you name it.

No matter what; such behaviors are totally unacceptable.

Giving them one chance is Okay, but if a person don’t change it, then they need to be removed out of the life. Don’t you agree? All I would say that no matter what; without saying anything and without accepting any cruel behavior remove them out right now.

These are the types of partners I’m talking about –

  1. One who is a cheater

I understand if you forgave them once. But if your partner is not changing, then there’s something seriously wrong with it. Honestly, forgiving them again and again is not the solution, so don’t do it.

Remove that person out of your life and say goodbye. Plus don’t forget “Once a cheater, always a cheater”.

  1. Uses for sex

The person who is a major sex addict, and who calls you only when the person wants to sleep with you, is a person you should ignore. Understand ladies, they are playing with your temple like body, and no one has a right to do that to you.

So stop him.

  1. The Breadcrumber

Trust me; Breadcrumbers are dangerous. They know the tricks to play with your emotions very well. They’ll say “Hi”, “bye” according to their moods. You don’t need them at-all.

So don’t respond to their bullshit.

  1. A person who never respects you

We all need respect, right? So if you’re not getting it, then ditch them right now. You need to be treated with respect, and that’s how it should be. So if a person is insulting you, don’t insult them, but block them.

  1. Body-shamer

No matter what size you are Big, Small, Thin, Fat…it doesn’t matter, because you’re entirely gorgeous in your own way. Don’t let anyone comment on your body, and most importantly don’t believe that shit.

Any person who body shame you, kick that person’s ass and move on.

  1. A person who hit you

Never ever let anyone do that to you. No person on this earth deserves to hit you. So stop it when someone is doing that to you. An apology sometimes means nothing at-all, so don’t be a fool.

  1. Someone who keeps lying

LIAR…LIAR…lying is unacceptable. A person who is an expert in lying can destroy your life anytime. So be aware. Surround yourself with people who really value you, and the one who is always truthful to you.

Note – Alright! To clear all your doubts, whether you are a girl or a guy, if who are in a relationship where you are not treated well, then yes it’s time you move on in your LIFE. No need to entertain such partners in life, okay?

Types Of partners- Girls, do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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