Saying These Things To Your Girlfriend Will Land You In Huge Trouble

Things Not Say To Girlfriend

Things Not Say To Girlfriend

If you are in a relationship, you are probably aware of those tiny little issues that turn into a huge fight between you and your girlfriend.

Well, it’s not like girls love to fight with you over silly things. In fact, they would love to keep the peace until and unless you keep your words in control and as per their tolerance power.

Come on guys, you know how ignorant you are at times when it comes to talking about things and that’s the time when you irritate her the most.

This is why, all you have to do is just be a little attentive and stop yourself from saying these things to your girlfriend:

  1. My ex used to like this

yes! This is one of the vital  among ‘Things Not Say To Girlfriend’ list. Alright, so what makes you think she is at any point interested in knowing what your ex used to like? Moreover, it makes her feel like she is just a rebound.

  1. That dress makes you look fat

HOW COULD YOU? Every guy in this world knows that telling your girlfriend that she looks fat is a huge mistake. No matter how strong your relationship is, you are not allowed to say that.

  1. I forgot to see your messages.

Really? If you actually forgot to see her texts, you’re not supposed to tell her like this. Also, you can’t simply ignore your girlfriend’s messages at all.

  1. I am going to have wild fun at the party tonight

Why would you tell your girlfriend about any of your plans at a party? Either you want her to be upset or you want her to go with you because my friend, nothing else happens in such cases.

  1. His girlfriend is so cool

His girlfriend is cool and what about your’s? You think she is a vicious bitch who has been dominating you. If not, then don’t ever say that someone else’s girlfriend is cool or just add ‘like you’ in the end.

Follow these tips and tricks to stay forever happy ! Do you too know Things Not Say To Girlfriend? Then let us know in comments below.

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