This Man’s Story Of Being Cheated On Will Bring You To Tears

Being cheated on

While breakups are bad, being cheated on from the one you love is the worst that could happen to you.

It shakes you up from inside and once you go through this feeling, it becomes hard for you to fall in love again or trust someone as much as you trusted the person who just crushed all your feelings.

Mostly, people think that it is only woman who deal with being cheated on and men are always on the wrong side.

But many times, it is also the woman who turns out to be unfaithful to the man who loves her. The same happened with this guy and he took on to Quora to write about everything he felt at the time he was being cheated on by his girlfriend.

Here is the story:

“ Being cheated on can prove out to be quite an experience. Good or bad, learning experience or a terrible, crushing one, depends on how you come out of it. You can become a strong person, who takes precaution before investing emotions or you may ruin yourself at an emotional level. Let me share my story. This happened to me last year. I was in a relationship with a girl for near to 2 years. We were great together, all was well. We were happy, “satisfied”, atleast that is what I thought!

A couple of months after we broke up, I came to know that she had been physically involved with another guy. I still don’t know how authentic that fact is, but I have pretty strong reasons to believe so. What made things worse was the guy in question. He always occurred to me as a lame ass fellow, not too gifted in the looks department either!

I have now recovered completely from this. Further, I am still on talking terms with the girl. Sometimes I do wonder why, but she always was a good friend. Don’t get me wrong, she is a great girl. Quite a catch actually.

It becomes increasingly difficult to cope up with all the emotional turmoil going on in you head. The betrayal!

You want to give the benefit of doubt to your partner, but eventually you learn that this is for real.

Disgust: The idea of him/her being with someone else repulses you, sickens you. You begin to abhor the third person involved and your partner. All their shortcomings, negative qualities begin to surface in your head. They get blamed for everything bad happening in your life!

Misery: Once you start accepting the reality, the idea that your partner wasn’t happy and satisfied with you shatters you. That someone else could make them happy while you couldn’t, this makes you angry. All you can think of, all the time, is why this happened! Why it had to be you!

Self doubt: Finally, anger leads to this stage. This is highly dangerous. When you begin to question your own self, your abilities. You begin to blame yourself for everything. This is the stage when you need a true friend the most! Someone needs to put some sense into your head. Feeling of dejection gets too intense, you start going into depression!

Stop giving shit: After going through the peak despair, now starts the healing process. You stop thinking about it. Things begin to get to normal, as the darkness clears, you begin to feel better.”

Thankfully, this man came out of the miser and became stronger on his own but there are some who just lose hope on everything.

Guys, you have got just one life and a plenty of chances to fall in love, so don’t lose hope just yet.

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