Men Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted By Women Are Bravely Sharing Their Story & It Needs Your Attention!

Sexually Assaulted Men – Yes, men are also being sexually assaulted & no one is SAFE.

Well, it has been seen that men who are sexually assaulted by women maintain silence because they FEAR that nobody will listen to their truth. It is the “trust factor” that comes in. Due to this, many men stay quiet because obviously, many in society have created an image that men are strong & nothing like this can happen to a man. Due to this “image”, many men struggle sharing their feelings with others.

Thanks to Reddit, where men are coming forward to share their story & yes, it’ll hurt you right where it hurts.

  • She used to take me out of school and use me. I wasn’t more than eight.
  • I went up to get a drink in a crowded bar and a rather large woman ruffled my hair and said ‘I like this one’. She then started thrusting into my backside. I wasn’t sure how to respond… I just Kinda waited for it to stop. It was pretty uncomfortable and I felt Kinda vulnerable. In the wake of all these sexual harassment stories, I looked back on this moment and considered for the first time that that was actual sexual harassment. Huh.
  • When I was 6, my sister raped me. She was around 14 at this time. It was really f***ed up and it’s something so weird as well, because it’s not just rape, it’s also incest. I haven’t even thought about this whole situation at all until this year where my thought was like “Wait, was I raped?” As a kid, your perception is so naive compared to who you are right now. Let me tell you, I can never look at my sister ever again. She’s a menace, and I have never cared for her after I realized what had happen.
  • Ex-girlfriend’s mom felt me up, made out with me, and grabbed at my d*** while I was asleep. No one cares, people blamed me, laughed it off. I don’t tell anyone now. Even when the narrative goes that all men are aggressors, and all women are victims. I just shut up.
  • I was 4 or 5 and my babysitter sexually assaulted me. I didn’t even really realize what happened until years later…. I saw a therapist and talked through it, I still do.
  • A woman grabbed me to try and manipulate me for money. Then I was called gay when I said it wasn’t okay. Pretty minor.

Sexually Assaulted Men: Aren’t these stories heartbreaking? We live in a world where society convince us that men aren’t sexually assaulted but these above mentioned stories prove how wrong it is. Any men who share their sexual assault story deserves the same attention a women receives. What do you think about all this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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