Online Dating is Having a Huge Moment Among Our Generation. Details here

Gone are the days when lovers used to be each other’s mainstay for years together, may be until eternity. Young generation today are spoilt for choices amid the rising popularity of social media and is quite repelled to the idea of trying to correct each other’s flaws, the instead choose to switch over a better potential interest through Facebook, Tinder, Whatsapp no matter how limited information they have about each other’s lives. In fact, surfing Tinder has become a recreational activity for the young guns after their daily toils. So whether a man claims himself to be ‘Sapiosexual’ or ‘Fitness/Gym freak’ , women are definitely digging them for transitory happiness.

It is the realm of virtual that is outwitting the real and we don’t bat an eyelid. Metaphorically, it’s like a dog peeing and passing on something they are tired of and that’s that.

People who still hold on to the old-school romanticism, have utter contempt for this morale- wrecking practise which trims our chances to find the everlasting love. We also roll our eyes at the fact how people are losing their mind over this one swipe and forgetting everything that love once stood for. The particular dating app is manipulative where people are rated by the merits of their appearance. In that virtual jungle, people having a precision of looking better and on the prowl for fast-paced association showing nostalgia the door.

Seems like we are well past the time when dating someone would make our parents to weigh each other’s marital compatibility and the same parents frowning upon dating if we haven’t reached a certain ‘age’ at that very point of time. Of course, today’s generation is constantly in the pursuit of trying to subscribe to the ‘benchmark’ lifestyle standards for ‘hooking up’ for a just few days!


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