2 Months Of The Wedding And I Regretted Badly For Marrying Him

Married to wrong person

Married to wrong person – We all do have problems but this case is no ordinary, my friend who returned from in-laws house 2 months back I asked her when her hubby is coming to pick her she answered it’s over.

Yes it’s just 2 years that I got married and my life is a hell, are the words from my friend which shocked me completely. I was shocked as everything seemed to be a fairy-tale affair on her social media posts. Dinner, movies, shopping, posts on FB and I just thought she is leading a like “King size “and I was happy for her.

She broke completely and started crying she told me how in just 2 months she regretted her decision of marrying so called BF of 1 year. She Married to wrong person. She thought she would be the happiest one on earth with such a caring guy but that was all acting. Yes she said they wanted my money, they want a full time servant and a whore for his son not a wife. I asked how about Raj he loves you right, she said no all he loves is money. She said torture started very next month of marriage once we were back for honeymoon (my dad paid for my honeymoon). While on honeymoon he asked me to buy expensive gifts and I was so mad and blind for him I spent lakh’s on him.

Once back from honeymoon I came to know maid has left apparently my mom-in-law intentionally asked her to leave why not they have me as a new maid. I was made to work like 14-16 hours from house-hold chores, too cooking, and in noon when I had time for 3-4 hours they forced me to go to office and help his son. On the way back they used to give me groceries, vegetables and fruits list and never use to give money I used to spend my money on everything. Initially for 2-3 times I didn’t understand later I understood their intentions very well when my husband asked me to his credit card bills. After doing everything happily and whole heartedly for my family they still treated me like a slave at house.  But when in office or when anyone comes they treated me like princess in front of them. On Sundays my husband used to take me out for shopping but for his clothes and I used to pay and everybody thought I have a loving husband. He used to dine in 7 star hotels and I used to pay he used to click pictures to show how we are enjoying.

They used me to a great extent my dad used to give me money happily because I am their only daughter but once when I refused  to pay for groceries my mother in-law slapped me  and my hubby too. After lots of physical torture I decided I don’t want to go in that hell.  Now I am here and my hubby is least bothered he says it’s ok if I slapped I was angry your money is mine so what’s the problem?

She married to wrong person – Problem is his dirty thinking. I hate him is what my friend told, I was shocked a fairy tale wedding ended due to cheap mentality of few people in society. Glad for my friend she ended this!

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