12 Lies Every Youngster Tells Their Parents And Act Innocent!

Lies every youngster tells their parents

Lies every youngster tells their parents – We all might have lied to our parents at some point in life. We might have not done it intentionally, but end up lying to them.

Of course, we lie right from our childhood itself, that’s another issue. But we all might have hilariously lied to our parents when being youngsters!

Here are some lies every youngster tells their parents.

Lies every youngster tells their parents –

  1. Mumma, this is an important college outing and I won’t be given marks in case I fail to go.

Fingers crossed, god she must send me for the trip, please…!

  1. I swear, we will all study and that is why we planned for a night out

It’s time to party now! Party all night!

  1. He is just my classmate of mine, mom not a date mom!

This is something every girl/guy tells

  1. Papa, Priya invited me for dinner at her home. I shall go, papa!

Hope, he gets convinced, then I can go for a date night with my boy friend.

  1. I was so immersed in the class that, I could make it out that you were call me mom.

Sorry, mom 😉

  1. It will get late for me to get home in the evening, there is a science fair going to be conducted at our college and am the cultural events in-charge.

Hangout, with my friends on the beach even better with GF or BAE

  1. Trust me mom, I am a virgin!

Biggest lie ever wink most of us say!

  1. Ma, I am studying and not texting someone. I don’t have time for texting

One more lie most of us sext BAE and then act innocent.

  1. Bad that you doubt me for having drunk!

I don’t drink, daddy, in fact I hate the smell of it!

  1. Im puking coz its infecting not hangover!

I really wish she gives me some money for party today.

  1. Mom its group studies you know naa I am weak in math’s Riya will help me!

When we want to spend night at disco or pyjama party or sleep over with BAE! What say?

  1. Mom everyone in class failed, it was a surprise test, chill!

Another, lie to escape bashings.

These are some Lies every youngster tells their parents for various reasons 😉 Did you ever tell any one of these lies to your parents?

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