Is Your Gym Trainer Molesting You On The Sly?


A hot and happening girl is always the centre of cynosure in all walks of life.

Not to mention, you are the inevitable eye-candy while you stretch yourself out in the gym. You can’t help but notice those lecherous eyeballs popping out from the male folk. They are desperately trying to catch a peek of your privates while you sweat yourself out to burn the calories.

While you can ignore these ogling creepos, the most dangerous threat is someone you have trusted the most. That’s your very own, over-friendly personal gym trainer.

Somehow I have been through the rut of being casually fondled in the right places, not to mention the hazaar innocent double-meaning innuendos which follow.


Breaking the ice much earlier than expected.

Whenever I have joined a gym, I find these lusty bees hovering (read personal gym trainers) around me like the most delectable pot of honey. Well, some are classy with some awesome bodies and even offer to give some extra free sessions besides the ones that have been chalked out by the gym mandates.

The next bait to compliment you

Quick on the roll, they start complimenting on ‘how well you have maintained your figure’ to a ‘you should be India’s next supermodel’. When you give them those ‘not interested as yet’ looks, they hound you to pass on your personal cell number. Believe me, even if you don’t share your digits with them, they get it from the internal records. And then the WhatsApp messages start.

Getting innocently sexual in his motivational talk

Once you have opted to choose the perfect gym trainer to guide you, day two onwards start the sexual overtones in his pep talk while exercising. While offering cues on how to do the perfect squat, my trainer Nadeem blurted, “Do it so hard, that you can actually feel your butt muscles”.

Oh really, thanks so much Mr. Tharki but am no boli baali babe who can’t get what your message implies.

A free shaker and sample protein supplements as gifts.

A week down the line, my trainer doesn’t see his charms getting him places faster than he expected. Voila, ooh la laa…I get some fancy gym bottle shaker and some protein samples for free. He claims the supplements are expensive and he got them especially for me. He still doesn’t know that I still haven’t touched them.

Now for the big bite

Three weeks down the line, you do smile and share a joke with him. That’s when my trainer getting a bit too closer to me while exercising. He would press his chest and ‘baraf ka gola’ close to me while I did the arms exercises. Inadvertently he would increase the repetitions and refuse to let go off his hold from the exercise bar. His pull would get tighter so he could get rub me more effectively without making it obvious.

That was the final bit. I refused to work out with him from the next day.

Keeping your trap shut, the devil gets bolder

Much that I wanted to create a scene, I controlled this sexual harassment behaviour. My ex-trainer found another hot girl as a client. What triggered off my pent-up anger was when she confessed to me of the same unwelcome body touching, displaying his suggestive semi-nude offensive images and even asking for direct sexual favours from him.

That’s when we got together. We knew that the gym would never buy the story or take any action. The negative publicity would ruin their image.

We did the ultimate. We recorded his antics on our cell-phone as proof. Not once but four videos on various occasions with me and her being elaborately being touched while exercising. We ensured he was thrown out, a public announcement was made by the gym head which ensured that all women folk were safe. My friend and I set the trend to expose these frustrated monsters. But all was done in an organized manner.

Where we, the Youngisthan girl, goes wrong is by simply suffering the molestation that most gym trainers demonstrate on us. Being silent is a crime unless you are party to the soft-and-hard touches which he showers on you.

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