Have You Met Yourself Yet?

How to know yourself – Of all the relationships, a relationship of you with your inner self is the most important one. When was the last time you met yourself?

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  ‘• Aristotle 

Of all the relationships, a relationship of you with your inner self is the most important one.

When was the last time you found something new within yourself and were left surprised or may be contented?

Similarly, the essence of spirituality is a voyage of exploration to know our real self and to be aware of our true nature of consciousness. Through spirituality you explore and meet yourself and this sense of spirituality actually comes from the inner self.

There’s always been a tiff regarding the difference between spirituality and religion. It is said that religion is something with which a person is born but spirituality is actually born and developed in person itself.

Religion can be of many types but there is just one type of spirituality. 

Spirituality holds a whole new definition for every person. Many people may not believe in religion or god, but they still believe in destiny and some super power that runs this universe.

We always are busy worrying about the future, of how to make it better in different ways, but one important thing that we forget is living in the moment. What we always have in our hand is the present moment which we can surely make it or break it.

There are different ways to find and establish a strong relationship with yourself. Once you know what you want from life, you are all sorted. This can be done by simply following what you enjoy doing. The job that really helps you to forget everything and work hard for the new horizons you need to achieve in order to rise and shine brighter.

Also travelling solo can do wonders and you move out of the comfort zone to test yourself. You manage things on your own and that brings you a step closer in knowing more things about life. When you meet new people, you get to know more about them and their struggles in life. You also learn from other people’s experiences to make it a better experience in your life.

During our life’s journey, we go through numerous transitions, experiences, struggles that make us change our vistas towards life, but one thing that doesn’t change is “ME”, who is aware of all the changes taking place all around.

So, turn to spirituality which makes you meet the new YOU. Apart from keeping you sedated the new ‘YOU’ will also help in keeping your spirits high! And soon you’ll realize a certain kind of self liberation, a feeling of free floating. 

It is said that the biggest discovery in life is to find yourself. You find life going easy, become happier, healthier and spread more love among the people.

And then you say it’s a wonderful world! 

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