Travelling Back To Time: How To Get Your #Ex-Girlfriend Back?

How to get ex-girlfriend back – No wonder #break-ups are always heart breaking and bad. Being in a #relationship, the time right after the break-up is very difficult for both the people.

No wonder #break-ups are always heart breaking and bad.

Being in a #relationship, the time right after the break-up is very difficult for both the people. Although after break-up you realize that how life is miserable without the person who you loved. You spent so much time and shared all kinds of details with them.

With all the repenting and realizations, you decide to get back to the time, where you actually left.

You want to work for all possible tricks that can bring back your ex in your life and you will never want to lose her again!

So the ideas that help you get back your ex, in your life again:

Time is all that is needed

After the break-up, there should be enough time that is supposed to be given to her as well as to you. The no call policy has to be worked upon and try not to bug the person with your endless calls and all kinds of messages. Enough space has to be given to her, to reflect upon the situation and to think ethically on what is good for both of them.

You need to respect each other’s space for some time.



Try to be Busy

Get your mind off from your past relationship and try to indulge in activities that make your life all busy. You can work a little more, join some new activities or sports, hang around with all the friends you left touch with some time back.

All in all make yourself not to think too much of what ever happened.



Travel alone

Take a short trip to a place you like or to the place where you wanted to go with your girlfriend. Roam around, explore the new place, refresh and rejuvenate yourself with all the positive thoughts and then think calmly of how to approach back the girl.

Think about the problems that made you people fall apart and then try to think of a better solution so that you can resume the relationship in a better way and not to repeat the mistakes that you have made before.



Talk normally

After a decent break, try to talk to the person normally without fretting about the past and whatever happened. Start with a normal whereabouts for the initial few conversations and take it really slow. Try not to jump over to the conclusions and have preconceived notions around yourself. If the girl is equally hurt, she will also be interested in talking to you and to work out things in a better way. In case you are unable to convey your messages to her, an e-mail can also do wonders.

Women do like when men make an effort to express their feelings through an e-mail.



Solving issues

If few normal conversations went good, now you can come on to the main matter of trying to bring things back on track. Peacefully and calmly discuss on all of the factors that created problems, and have a proper relationship discussion along with all apologies.

Try to woo her heart again and be the way you were initially when she used to like you.


If you love her truly, you certainly would not like to give up on her so easily, so let the cycles go on of break-up and make-up and try all the possible amendments to rework on the relationship.

We hope to mend many broken relationship through this post.

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