Do You Think Your LIFE Sucks? These 10 FML Stories Prove That You’re NOT The Only One!

Honest FML Stories

Honest FML Stories – Sometimes, as soon as the end days, and the moment you go to your bed, the first thought that mainly comes to your mind is “Damn! My LIFE sucks so much”. You know what; it happens with me too. I’m sure that some of you must’ve gone through this same situation yesterday as well.

Well, we often say this because sometimes our day goes completely wrong. Sometimes, we are loaded with too much work or fights take place etc etc … Some people think that their LIFE sucks because the work they do is not making them happy etc… and the list goes on and on. Mostly, what happens is, we see the pictures posted by our social media friends, and then we end up thinking “I’m the only one sad here and my LIFE sucks” *tears* *tears*

But, you know what; you’re not the only one in this situation. Yes, there are so many out there who go through bad situations and then they say “F*ck My Life”.

I just want you to know that there are some people who are going through some crazy shit in their LIFE. Their stories will make you say “My LIFE is not that bad…”


  1. Today, I found out that my BF of 2 years is dating another girl. Not only do she and I share the same hair and eye color. But we also happen to have the same First name – FML.
  2. Today, the guy I’ve been seeing didn’t acknowledge my birthday. We’ve joked for weeks about how we share the same birthday – FML.
  3. Today, I told my crush how I feel about him. It’s been over 12 hours and he still says he’s still thinking about it. I asked him again about it, and he says he’s thinking of how to reject me – FML.
  4. Today, my friends yet again told me to hop on tinder and other dating sites, saying how it’s easy to match up, and I keep telling them I will soon. In reality, I’ve been on them for weeks, without a match – FML.
  5. Today, I learned that when my GF always says she’s been at Alex’s house, she hasn’t meant the house of her friend “Alexis”, but rather the house of the man she’s cheating on me with. She literally told me that she is cheating on me and still managed to avoid getting caught – FML.
  6. Today, I sent my mom a link to a news article via Facebook. Immediately after sending, however, I noticed that I had forgotten to copy the news article’s link, and what I had sent was the last thing I had copied and pasted; a porn link – FML.
  7. Today, I saw my uncle, whom I have not seen in 5 years, at a family gathering. His reaction to seeing me? “Holy SHIT you have BOOBS”! The guys must be all over you. I awkwardly replied “No”, and then he muttered “I know I would” – FML.
  8. Today, I finally worked up the guts to add the guy I like on FB. To make it less obvious, I added 15 other people as well. Everyone added me back, accept him – FML.
  9. Today, I got out of my bed and immediately stepped into a half eaten bowl of cereal – FML.
  10. Today, I was looking through my roommate’s side trying to find a DVD, when I stumbled upon a bundle of pictures of me showering and sleeping – FML.

Honest FML Stories – You know, sometimes, life is not fair with us. We humans, go through a lot of shit sometimes, and then everything else sucks. Well, on the other end, I’m sure that at-least some stories must’ve made you think and accept that your life is not “that” bad at all.

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