12 Hilarious Hickey Stories Will Make You Remember Yours For Sure!

Hickey Stories

Hickey Stories – No one really knows about your “hickey” story but these stories “might” make you remember yours IF they turns out to be relatable. So, here are some Reddit “ Hickey Stories ” which are FUNNY, GROSS etc, etc.

Read ‘em – The Hickey Stories –

  1. I had weird friends in college and we would get in hickey fights. It made it really hard to explain to anyone why you got a hickey but weren’t dating anyone. (LOL!)
  2. I got a massive hickey on my neck after fooling around with a guy and had to go to work the next day (Pizza Hut, so not that big of a deal). For some reason I had some temporary tattoos lying around and so I put them over the hickey. I cut some individual ones out so it was a giant shark jumping over the sun. Manager knew what was up.
  3. My freshmen year of college I got a huuuuuge hickey right before I had my picture taken for the soccer team that got put up on the athletic website. It took a solid hour to cover that bad Larry and tons of cover up. You could only tell it was there unless you were looking for it.
  4. I was 19, at home over the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college. My boyfriend at the time had given me a hickey on my neck, but it could be hidden by my hair. Well, I fell asleep on the couch and my hair must not have been covering the hickey because … I woke up with one of my father’s hands on my forehead and the other on my chin, turning my head and him saying “What is that on your neck?!” I tried the lame, “Ummm, I burned myself with the curling iron” excuse to which he replied, “The hell you did!” It was quite uncomfortable the next time my boyfriend came over, needless to say …
  5. My current girlfriend gave me one on a Saturday. It was massive. Then on Monday I had to go on camera in front of a 20 person class. It was awkward.
  6. Hickey on neck, someone saw it who wasn’t supposed to/offended by it/parent and it was embarrassing.
  7. I went to college a few states away and dated a local guy. I didn’t see him for a week during spring break, and when I came back he gave me a big ol’ kiss in the middle of my forehead. I did not know foreheads could bruise that quickly and aggressively:-|
  8. After my first SO and I stated dating I left a HUUUUGEEEE hickey on the side of his neck. I’m talking like the size of a fist. Too bad I forgot he had to go home that weekend… He had to convince his mom he had some freaky rash.
  9. It was a few days before my boyfriends 17th birthday, and we were kissing, it got a little heavy and we didn’t kiss each other’s necks for the fear of getting a hickey. So he ended up with one on his upper chest. I hadn’t met his family that much but I came over for his birthday a few days later and we all exchanged hellos, until his uncle, who’s also our age asks “You know about his hickey right?” I had to confess in front of his whole family, and his mother gave us “the talk” and offered to buy us condoms. Worst birthday ever.
  10. So my GF gave me a hickey on the forehead which was really annoying, I got her back last night and covered her neck in them when we were drunk. Went downstairs for breakfast and her Mum saw them and went apeshit, so I got beat up by her Mum with a wooden spoon.
  11. My boyfriend thought it would be funny to leave a hickey on my eye. It ran up past my eyelid and below my lower lid too. It didn’t hurt but it looked like I had been beaten…
  12. My boyfriend once pinned me down and put one on my face for shits and giggles.

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