He Is Quietly Saying I Love You! You Need To Understand Through These 10 Signs!


Are you with an unromantic partner?

Do you sulk over their dry behaviour, and feel deprived of romantic dates?

Well, I totally understand that being in a relationship with an unromantic partner can be a very disappointing situation. Unromantic men are every woman’s huge irritation.

Forget the romantic dates planned by him, even sending him a text is a thoughtful process, expecting that he wouldn’t read or reply in time, right? They actually don’t seem to have a single romantic gene in their body.

Yet, I would say, they aren’t that dry either.  They do make the effort to occasionally show you that they care, maybe in their very own  special way, which if you pay close attention to, can be cute little treats for you.

Here are 10 things an unromantic guy usually does to make her girl feel loved, without being overtly drooly over her.

1) If your guy loves you and cannot express it enough in the language of romance, every now and then he would cancel the plans with his guy friends, just to be with you. Yes, that’s BIG. For him to let go of all those beer marathons and be with you and also to endure his friends taunting him for not following the bro code is a huge “I Love You” shout out.


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