Why Having Gay Friends Is The Coolest Thing Ever!

Gay friends

Gay friends – When I met my now-best friend for the first time, I knew he was different. Not weird-different, but awesome-different. He was definitely not like the other guys as he was sensitive, caring, funny, stylish, a solid shoulder to cry on, heartbreakingly handsome and perfect boyfriend material. Except he is gay.

So when people come up with weird stereotypical issues and talk crap about the gay community, I want to slap them in the face. Because I know how wonderful and classy these guys and girls are. And that’s why I am going to tell why having gay friends is the coolest thing ever.

Gay friends –

1 – They are never judgmental:
While your other pals will judge you at least once, if not more. These guys (and girls) just don’t give a damn. It’s the so-called heterosexuals who have issues with everything. You could be fat, weird, suffering from a myriad OCDs or hell, even have objectophilia, and these folks won’t bother. They strongly believe in ‘live, let live’. That’s perhaps the only reason why you can talk to them about your problems and not feel silly about it.


2 – They are really funny folks:
It’s the absolute truth. I have many gay friends and they are wittier than Wilde and Shaw put together. And the wit is so subtle and nuanced that you have to be frigging brilliant to even get it. They make jokes on everything, including themselves and their quips can regale a small crowd for hours. May be it’s the exposure they get, may be it’s the need to outperform their ‘straight as an arrow’ buddies, may be it’s just in their blood…whatever it is, they are funny and they know it.


3 – They are brave:
If you’re fighting your demons, try talking to your gay friend first. He/she will have a better perspective and solution. It takes a lot of guts to be openly gay, especially in a society like ours where even heterosexual kissing and PDA can get you ostracised. As my best friend tells me, every day is a new battle. With so many hypocrites around, there are always issues. So, he is always prepared. And that’s the solution he gives me. Always be prepared for the worst and the best will come knocking.


4 – They are a happy lot:
I don’t see him upset, depressed or crying. He is always happy and chirpy, despite his insecurities. He is confident, smart, people-friendly and extremely efficient at his job. So it comes as no surprise when he struts out with a smile on his face, a song in his head and a knowing confidence in his gait. I have tried to learn this tactic from him, but have failed miserably. May be you guys can pick it up? His parents don’t support him, his friends are few, he gets the occasional ‘omg! You’re gay’ stare. But he is never bitter.


5 – They are kind and caring:
Apart from being a solid shoulder to cry on, they are extremely kind and caring. You will feel safe and protected when you hang out with them. Yes, they are as macho and strong as their straight counterparts…perhaps, even more. Because these guys are not just physically strong, but also mentally sound.


If you really want to make a difference to the society, fight the issues at the root level. Befriend somebody who has been banished by others. After all, we are all humans.

You’re the youth of the nation, tomorrow’s hope…be wise and accept everybody for who they are.

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