Six Signs A Guy Is Only Texting You Because He Is Bored AF!


Is he only texting because he is lonely or bored?

Ladies, if you’re messed into finding the answer of this question; then this content will surely help you.

The nature of boys is sometimes unexplainable. Isn’t it? At one moment they are this cute texter & a sweet talker whereas the other times they are like “I don’t even know you”.

Have you come across such creepy ones? Well, trust me I have.

And based on that experience; I can clearly tell you the signs that really proves “a guy is texting you because he is bored”.

Check ‘em out:-

  1. The late-night texter

If you’ve noticed then a “bored guy” will only text you around 11-12 p.m. as compared to other hours. And ladies, don’t get into thinking that they believe “Deep conversations happens only at night”- because clearly for ‘em it is nothing like that.

In fact, the moment they feel sleepy then they’ll just disappeared. So, it’s a GOODNIGHT.

  1. When there is a long pause

I don’t know what the heck they are doing but this is the most annoying habit of bored guys. Well, clearly it is the guy who texted first and then there’s a long pause…like for real which is frustrating.

Later on, do expect this answer from him- Oh I was just busy doing my mom’s work.

  1. When you text him & there is no reply

WOW! Now that’s quite surprising. Isn’t it? If you’ve noticed this- when you text ‘em first they will not reply even though they’ve read the message.

But get yourself prepared to get an answer during the bedtime. You know what I mean? Wink!

  1. The way he texts

Is it just “Hi, How are you, what are you doing, and Say”?

They’ve nothing good to talk about because on a serious note they are bored & not interested. Get it?

  1. Zero Effort

Even though the conversation is going on; you will see the guy will not put any great efforts to keep the conversation going but will surely insist you indirectly to make the chat interesting.

  1. Not keeping a regular contact

With a bored kinda guy; the conversation is only when he texts you and thus this happens not regularly but someday. So Ladies, it is clearly wrong to think that he likes & stuff because NO he don’t.

Any thoughts? Do Comment below.

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