The Girl Who Was A Sex Slave For The Love Of Her And How She Fought Back !


Love is the most beautiful and pure form of having emotions but the only thing is that it has to be with the right person because this feeling develops for a wrong person then you are almost tampered for life no matter how much you move on.

This is a similar story about a girl who loved and the boy who lusted in the name of love. So here we go:

Her name was Mahi and his name was Gautam, the two of them loved each-other a lot.

Though Mahi fell in love with him on a later stage but eventually she was head-over-heels for him. Things were fine until he started showing his real colors. There was nothing that Mahi could do which was against his will and wish and he did whatever he wanted to. Just in the name of love she gave him everything that was possible for her to give. He started asking for a lot of money from her, abused her, and made her cry; kept her in an invisible cage all the time. She was literally choking to death because of him but still couldn’t give as this is what love does to you.

Things were taking a worse turn when he started demanding sex from her. She was not at all comfortable with the idea of getting physically involved with him. One day he asked her to meet him and took her to a deserted spot in his car. She did as he said as she didn’t have much courage to say NO to him. He forcefully took-off her clothes and jumped on her. He did what he wanted and soon she got off the car in order to get back home. Suddenly she heard a horn, it was him again. He ordered her to sit in the car back as her clothes were drenched in blood and she didn’t even realize that. Her soul died that day as she felt dirty about herself. Things kept on going until she decided that enough of that bull-shit. She started making excuses so that he couldn’t ask for any more sex from her. He was abusive towards her and she was losing her patience in that case.

One day she decided to meet him and call it quits with him, he was still demanding sex.

She started crying but all he wanted was SEX. That was day she got really hyper because of the limitless harassment he did to her. She replied him with a tight slap on his face. He was jolted by her reaction as this was the first time she reacted against his will and wish. He begged her to forgive him but after all the torture, harassment, abuse and misbehavior she knew that she couldn’t give him another chance.

She left him; she left him so hard that she went away from him to an extent where he just couldn’t hope to see her back again. This is the story of one girl who fought the wrong and kept her life and happiness above her love as she realized that love doesn’t break your heart, it build it.

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