Getting Pregnant In A Relationship Without Marriage Needs To Be Handled Sensibly!


Love, relationships, romance and some private moments between the sheets, are not bound by the institution of marriage in this fast paced world.

Casual sex, one-night stands, multiple sexual partners and friends with benefits are concepts that have commonly come up  in the past decade.

For a couple who is in a relationship, having sex is a no big deal. In fact, it is a given that the couple will indulge. Although, the world is smart enough and commercially advertised ways of contraception have helped this young generation to stay away from any mishap, yet, there is a possibility that these methods may fail and you might be in a situation which you cannot discuss with anyone and yet, need advice on.

If you are in a relationship, here’s a piece of advice for you while Getting Pregnant In A Relationship situation sensibly.

Be Smart And Avoid Getting In This Situation

We are a generation of smart, internet friendly people who are everything but ignorant about information related to sex and its repercussions. Read and make use of what you know. Use contraception- condoms, medically prescribed pills, UTIs, anything that suits you. Do not under-estimate the capability of these methods. Calculate your safe and unsafe days and indulge accordingly, in case you do not want to use contraception. And of course, we are all aware of the emergency pills, readily available at chemist shops, in case of an unplanned moment of pleasure.

Try not to get yourself in such a situation, as facing the results is not going to be a cakewalk.

Caught In The Trap- Here’s What To Do

Don’t know how it happened, used contraception, were very cautious, yet pregnant? That’s the usual reaction of every couple not planning for a child. Especially if its without marriage, the thought of what lies ahead scares the couple out. Don’t be scared, don’t panic. Keep your calm. That’s the most important thing here.

If you ever get into such a situation, the first and foremost thing you need to ask yourself is- do you want this pregnancy or not?

If you feel you are not ready for this, discuss it with your partner. Take him into confidence and deal with it maturely. If both of you feel you should discontinue with this pregnancy, visit a good gynaecologist. Do not self-medicate as they may have serious side-effects. Make sure to take your partner along. You don’t have to worry about the news being leaked, as all medical centres are bound to maintain privacy. Don’t be scared or ashamed, it’s the doctor’s job to help you in such a situation. Your doctor will guide you as to the best method for abortion and the precautions to be taken along with it. Your partner’s presence will ensure you don’t feel lonely and ensure he takes full responsibility of the situation.

It would be best to act swiftly and not delay, as the earlier it is, the easier it gets to take appropriate action.

A very important thing to keep in mind here is your partner’s reaction. If your partner refuses to take responsibility, acts immaturely or tries to run away from this situation- leaving you alone in it to handle the mess, you need to pick the signs here that it’s the time to dump him. You don’t need a man who leaves you in the middle of such a sensitive situation and who cannot take responsibility for his actions. Let him go. You can take care of yourself and deal with it all by yourself. Visit a good doctor and take her advice. Nothing better if you can confide in a close friend and even better; your parents. Take proper care of your health and you will come out of this in no time.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

If you feel your relationship has matured enough and want to carry on with it, the most important step to take is- talk to your partner. He has been equally responsible for the situation and his opinion matters equally. Take your partner into confidence and talk to him. Discuss the situation and what lies ahead. Discuss if you two are ready to take this responsibility. You might also want to take your relationship towards marriage in order to gain legitimacy in society.  You will need your partner’s support the most in such a situation.

When both of you make up your mind to take it forward, take your parents in confidence. Explain them the depth of your relationship and also, how capable you two are to take this responsibility. Reveal your plans of taking your relationship forward and marriage too.

To say it would be easy, won’t be right, but if dealt with maturely and sensibly, this situation can easily be tackled. These might prove to be testing times for your relationship, but if tackled responsibly, will help your relationship to grow and deepen.

Just maintain sanity and act responsibly.

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