7 Signs That Prove Your Friend Is Crushing Hard On Your Boyfriend!

Friend Is Crushing Hard On Your Boyfriend

Friend is crushing hard on your boyfriend – OK so first when you told your friend about your boyfriend; it’s quite obvious that she wanted to meet him. And, now that she met him; she is always inquiring you about your boyfriend which is pretty annoying for you.

So, does that mean she is crushing hard on YOUR boyfriend?

Are you confused regarding how to find out the real truth? Well then you’ve come to the right place because this content will clear your confusion.

Before starting; let me tell you that there is nothing wrong when you friend asks you about your boyfriend. But yeah, there is something really wrong when she always KEEPS ON ASKING you about him.

Apart from that doubtful caring; here are some of the more signs that proves your Friend Is Crushing Hard On Your Boyfriend.

Friend is crushing hard on your boyfriend – 

  1. Watch out her ACTIONS first

It is not right to completely blame her because of your jealously. First, try to notice and understand her actions when she’s around your boyfriend. For e.g. Is she trying to put her efforts only to impress your boyfriend etc etc.

  1. She is questioning A LOT too much about your boyfriend

It’s not someday but everyday- if she is always keen on asking about your boyfriend then something can be definitely wrong. Also check her facial expressions when she keeps on inquiring about your MAN every-time.

  1. There is a lot of FLIRTING

Being flirty is something that your friend can do if she’s attracted to your partner. So, keep your eyes on her as well as your boyfriend (in case)  Note all the flirtatious words that she is using to impress your guy & also do notice if she’s trying to have grab some attention physically.

  1. She is always SUPPORTING him

Many girls will always end up liking each & everything about the person when they’re attracted. You know it’s more like the love is blind & stuff. Do notice things when she’s always trying to tell you that your boyfriend can’t be wrong etc.

  1. She makes plans by involving your boyfriend into it

There is nothing wrong if 3 of you hang out with each other. But if you feel that your friend is making plans so that she can spend quality time with your boyfriend then you better watch out GIRL.

This will make things clear that in reality she just wants to be around your man.

  1. She is always insulting you in front of your guy

Oh No! Now that’s a hard one to take but easy one to catch. Look out if she’s consistently trying hard to insult you in front of your boyfriend. It could only mean that she’s doing so because she is highly jealous.

  1. She’s eager to know what your guy thinks about her

OK, so this one must be relatable for sure. If she is keener into knowing about “what your boyfriend thinks about her” then it must be a red flag too.

These are the signs your friend is crushing hard on your boyfriend – Any thoughts? Do comment below.

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