7 Over Dramatic Things We Do After Break Up That We Need To Stop


Break ups take a big toll on life.

Everyone would agree to the fact that it’s one of the bad phases of life. It’s hard to remember that when you’re grieving the loss of someone you cared about, but you’ve got to stay strong. So when you standing near their cars and home to thrash them, STAY BACK.

There are many things you can do after break up but these are precisely the sort of things you shouldn’t do at all.

Below are the things we do after break up that we should stay away from them.

1. Rush into a New Relationship Or No to love… Can’t fall in love again.

Many guys and girls either jump in another relationship to get a warm shoulder or they run away from the love that pours in after the break up. It’s important to not to lose faith in love and live happily with what you have. Rushing into relationship can make you vulnerable and you can end up breaking up the new one as well. Take time and be resilient.


2. Eat And Drink Till It Subside Your Pain.

Drinking and eating your break away will never work. It may distract you for a while but of course the hangover and other problems will stay with for long and affect you later.So better to bounce back to normal living and not to fall for hogging and drinking to temporarily freeze your brain.


3. More time spending on social media sites… End up stalking him or her.

Many people take to social media for venting out their emotions. Don’t put sad songs’ lyrics and angry posts as its better to showcase your private life (which people otherwise don’t know) in a private way. And nowadays due to social media sites the stalking has gone to another level. g about the breakup drama online, no matter how vague, and resist the urge to stalk your ex.  Slow down your constant temptation of checking out on how your ex is living a life post break up.



4. Make Him Or Her Jealous

Making him jealous is not the way out from the past. It can simply put you on guilt mode later.


5. Still Keeping In Touch With Ex And Try To Be ‘Just Friends’.

It may sound simple but that’s not so easy.Staying in touch may not help you to get over the break up easily as you are still connected with the person. One has to move on and then be ‘just friends’ with your ex. Being around him or her may make you feel miserable so instead one can go for making new friends.


6. Going For A Drastic Makeover.

Break makeovers is what many go for. This is the time when we end up taking rash and irrational decisions. And extreme changes in one’s look are not easily digested and later you will regret on the tattoo or haircut you might have done.


7. Giving Up On Everything.

Don’t let your break up destroy your hope. Focus on your studies or career instead as this will help you to forget your ex and will help you to start everything on a fresh note.


Break Ups happen, it’s a part of life but you cannot simply die down. Its advisable to be happy and bounce back to the happy mode.

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