These Are The Modern Dating Terms You Should Know About!

Dating Terms – It is 21st century and you should know about the slangs that are making noise in the modern day romantic weather. You might know about “BAE”, “GHOSTING”, and “CUFFING”, “IRL.” But hey, do you know dating slangs like “MONKEYING”, “Q”, “YODO” and many more? I’ll assume that you have no idea what these slangs actually stand for.

If you do, that’s pretty cool. But if you don’t, then that’s cool too. Why, you ask? Oh because, today you’ll come to know about these slangs & woof, you won’t have a question mark on your forehead.

Starting with –

Dating Terms: 

  • YODO

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “YOLO” which means “You Only Live Once”. Well, YODO is slightly different as it means “You Only Dump Once.” It means, once you break up with your partner, you won’t go back to them, no matter what happens. It’s like, once the damage is done, it is DONE.

  • Q

Q is a dating term that means “cool.” So whenever you’re describing a girl/boy you’re dating & is pretty cool, you say something like this “The person I’m currently committed to is pretty Q in a way.”


Monkeying happens when a person breaks up & few days later they’re back in the dating game acting like nothing happened days ago. Person who is always ready to mingle & can’t imagine themselves staying single.


When someone is going through that jealously situation. Have you ever heard people say “I’m so jealous because my best-friend is dating my crush.” In this scenario, one can also say “I’m so jelly because so & so is dating so & so.”

Jelly sounds good, right?


I know it does sound confusing, right? To be honest, it really is. It is when a person call you up & say “Hey, let’s have a non-date date.” Though the date includes flirting, drinks & little stuff like these, it is considered as confusing.


I have been a victim of this & I’m sure many out there too. It actually means when your love interest reads your message but doesn’t reply.

  • FBO

This one is actually pretty common & used by many. It is when someone makes their relationship “Facebook Official.” Single -> Committed.

  • DTR

It stands for “Define the Relationship.” Urban dictionary says “DTR means when two people discuss their mutual understanding of a romantic relationship.”

Dating Terms: Do you have any more terms to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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