6 Cheesy Things People Do In Relationships That Are Way Too Much

Cheesy Things

Cheesy things – Relationships are good and yes, you must enjoy every moment of it with your heart.

After all, it’s very rare that true love knocks your door and when it’s there, you must stick to it with love. Now being in love is also a lot about doing cheesy things and pampering your partner with stuffs. But don’t you think you’re your cheesy sometimes goes beyond the line?

I mean, there is a limit to be cheesy too, don’t you think?

I don’t know about you guys, but these 6 cheesy things that people do in relationships are literally way too much.

Cheesy Things –

1. Calling them with super weird nick names

Okay, calling them ‘baby’, ‘honey’ or ‘darling’ is something I do understand. But why call them a “poochie pie’, “shonanona” and all that nobody even calls a 1 month old baby? Seriously, find them a better nickname.

2. Licking off food from their lips

Can’t you use your hands or ask them to remove what’s stuck on their lips? Why does it have to be licking? Isn’t that a bit too unhygienic? *sigh*

3. Asking them about meals 10 times a day

First of all, your partner will eat when he is hungry and it doesn’t have to be you who reminds him of that because his stomach will do that for him. Secondly, he was eating even when you weren’t in his life, so relax.

4. Using the same toothbrush

I really don’t know if that’s the concept or not but is there no space for hygiene in a relationship? As far as I can see, using the same toothbrush is way too disgusting and I wonder how it is a ‘cheesy relationship thing’ for you.

5. Wearing same colours

I know you want the world to know that you are a couple but is that really necessary? Wearing the same colour gives me the feeling of twin siblings more than a couple in love. You too, think about it.

6. Flirting 24*7

Do anything you want when you are alone but at least when there are people around you, give your cheesy talks a break. Let me tell you that no one is interested in listening your lovey dovey talks.

I know I must have sound like a sadist to you in all the above points, but believe me there are many others like me. In the end, it was my responsibility to inform and you can keep doing all these things if it makes you happy.

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