Signs That Explain You Have Already Called It Quits Without Uttering A Word!

called it quits

Sometimes the words are not enough to express how or what we feel.

It’s all because the better half i.e. our silence says it all. Well, in a relationship it is not necessary that two people will always end up together. Right? Maybe the butterflies in stomach no longer exist or excite you anymore about your partner.

But still; just because it has worked for like 2 or 3 years; many think it’ll absolutely work every other time as well.

But that’s not how it works because no matter what you’ve already given up on it.

And, to hit that as a remembrance; I’ve listed some signs that one goes through when they’ve called it quits without even uttering a word.

But hey, after reading this I hope you say something & also remove the relationship tag.

  1. When nothing seems interesting

When two people are in love; they are very excited to share each & every happenings of their life. Agree? And they even find stupid topics just to have a continuous talk with that special one. Isn’t it? But if now nothing excites you anymore then it’s a major sign that you’ve given up.

  1. You don’t care

Remember how two people care about each other by sending cute texts & stuff. Well, now if you don’t even care about texting that person then you know how it ends. Or simply replying for the sake of talking is also another sign.

  1. You find excuses

Yes! If your partner is making some plans & you always find reasons to avoid ‘em than your dating is just a so-called relationship. Remember if it changes from “lying to your parents to hang out with him & now using excuses just to avoid going out anymore” is a sign that you’re bored & called it quit.

  1. Unhappy

The moment you feel dissatisfied in a relationship; there’s something that’s probably gone wrong. Well, even if your partner surprises you & it doesn’t really make you happy then it’s a thumb down already.

  1. You find your partner irritating

Yes, this happens a lot. See even though you’re in that relationship tag but if his sweet talk now sounds more like an annoyance then that’s it -‘cuz you’ve already moved on indirectly.

Hey, if these points are relatable then it’s time you speak up & end it all directly.  And to others; if you’re sensing such things from your better half then you need to talk it out as well.  

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