6 Telling Signs That Your Partner is Not Loyal To You

We tend to take our partners and relationship for granted after a period of time spending happily in love. But not every story is meant to turn into happily-ever-after. If someone is being deprived of some basic attention and human requirements in a relationship, it drives him disloyal. When our relationship is institutionalized, there are moral yardsticks that are raised for the couples. Some people still violate that barrier for many reasons causing emotional ordeal to his partner. Just when you thought you knew your partner inside out, comes the major heartbreak knowing that he cheated. However, you should not harm your relationship driven by baseless doubts too. Here are 6 ways by which you can instead test your partner’s faithfulness:

Check for his generosity towards you:

Is he stingy when it comes to giving your something that you need? does he not take care of you or heed your needs? While in a relationship, you both should connect on a deeper level. If he is truly faithful and still in love, he will understand what you need without your telling.

Check whether he delivers on his promises:

Is he a man of his words? does he stand up to his promises? if not, then we too are smelling a rat. If you have to lower your self-esteem every time by begging him to keep his promise, then you my dear are in wrong hands.

Is he always honest with you?

Trust your gut to judge him on this ground. If he is loyal to you, he will animatedly be honest to you. If you sense something amiss or deceptive lies, you should check whether your relationship is healthy any longer.

Does he stand up for you?

You may argue that in the initial phase of your relationship, he stood up for you always. He spoke in your behalf when someone wanted to put you down. But check if he is as gentlemanly still, if he has stopped doing that or caring for your emotions, they move on may be.

Does he withhold things from you?

Both his attention and affection are your right. If he seems to withhold that from you, that is the red flag. It could mean that he is struggling with some real relationship issues and you need to discuss it out together. If he trims the time he used to give to you, there emerges a question, who is taking the saved time? May be there is a third angle in your relationship. Go figure.

Does he obsess over past lovers?

If he does this a lot, it tells loud and clear that he is no longer satisfied with you. He has an wandering eye now which is really disgraceful to you. Worse, if he carries the baggage of his ex lovers in your relationship. It will plague your love into a slow death so act before it is too late.

Does he not respect you?

Every individual has their boundaries and needs respect from their partners. If you think he doesn’t respect you or your boundaries, he may be is cheating on you. If you spend a lot of time with people that don’t respect you, you are prepping for a serious letdown. Beware!

Love thrives on mutual respect and faithfulness. There is no need to hammer your self-esteem trying to compromise with an unfaithful partner.



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