10 Ways Your BFF Pisses You Off But You Still Love Her

We all have that best friend who is different from the other close friends with her jibes and insults, wisdoms and care. She is our mainstay in the toughest times and we turn to her every time for finding comfort. Sometimes she scold, sometimes she surrender before our spoiled ass. Then there are times when they too get on our nerves and below are the 10 ways your bestie completely pisses you off but you still can’t abandon her.

Never returning your stuff:

She has a birth right on your belongings and once she borrows them, she never returns even after days of cooing. Once you give them your stuff, you have to forget about those for life. We know where it hurts when she asks for your favourite top.

Sharing your attention with others:

There are times when she makes a plan with other friends and simply cold shoulders your existence. You just fume in anger seeing their social media posts but have to pretend not to care.

She drops truth bombs:

She is unabashed about saying your flaws out loud and you don’t always enjoy it. Bitch please, why your words have to be such naked all the time?

Seeking your advice and doing the exact opposite:

She constantly needs your approval for haircuts, choosing clothes and shoes but will do whatever she pleases. It is because she was keeping yours as a second opinion whilst hers rules supreme!

Pulling a ditch on you for her office bae:

You just want to pull your hair off in anger when you see she is splitting the time she used to spend with you for the new boo!

Leaving your message as ‘seen’ in WhatsApp:

They took you for granted. They are too bummed to reply. They are pretending to be busy.

Gloating over your miseries:

Tripped over your high heels? Bitch, I told you not to wear them in the first place *winks*

Being indecisive about what to wear:

She will ransack all of the almirah and try out all the dresses only to reach the conclusion that they have nothing to wear meanwhile missing the movie already. Like seriously?

Your mom loves her more:

Your mom’s favourite complaint box is her and you sometimes feel why can’t she just switch homes with you, because, why not?

They introduce their random boyfriends with you:

You already don’t have high hopes about her dating skills, and then she bombards you with hippie boyfriends, much to your annoyance.

You have feigned the smile and killed her a thousand times over mentally but loved her all the more.


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