What Turns A Man On? (Apart From Women)


This is a message to all the femi-nazis and feminists all over the world – All men do not think with their crotch!

There are some men who have gone one step ahead of the regular ‘aam janta’ and evolved into a more advanced version of the ‘Alpha Male’; a species that considers women an integral part of society but not just an object for sex or carnal pleasure.

Not only do these men respect women, they also take part in turning themselves ‘ON’ with other things that have taken their fancy. Gone are the days of men ogling at women, men ogle at other things now! Mostly inanimate! 😛

Here are five things that the ‘New Age Man’ of the 21st century loves, arguably more than women!


  • There are very few urban men who have yet to taste the sheer power and simplicity of e-commerce! Not only is it fast, effective and cash saving (a thing most men like to do), it has transformed the way in which they have access to things they like to invest in.
  • Buying shares on the market is now possible due to e-commerce. It would be non-derogatory to say that e-commerce literally makes men go WET! After all, men also like options when they shop. Psst… they however make buying decisions quicker than women 😉


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