Want to Immigrate to Canada? Follow These Simple Rules

This is a typical question as to why people want to immigrate to Canada from India. There are many reasons that are lurking underneath, where the two key reasons are education and job. Every year, hundreds of Indians flock to Canada to pursue their career dreams and needless to mention, Canada gives them a fulfilling and enriching experience. If deeply interpreted and analyzed, Canada is one of the favorite destinations by Indians because it creates innumerable opportunities for them. But this country has lenient immigration policies which, if adhered to one can easily seek for permanent residency and raise a family. Here are step by step guide on immigrating to Canada.

Know the reasons why you can’t immigrate to Canada:

Before you proceed, you must evaluate your worth to immigrate. For that, you will require to figure out the reasons you will want to take that plunge. But similarly, there are some reasons which can stop you from immigrating to Canada and they are like: having criminal records, health, financial reasons or non-compliance with IRPA.

Consider different types of legal residency:

One must go through a legal channel if one seeks to migrate to Canada. If they have the slightest inkling that you are breaking the law, you will be deported back from there. The best way to seek to immigrate to Canada, we suggest is presenting yourself as a business investor, start-up at that with at least a net worth of $10 million Canadian dollars, the more the better.

You should complete the application:

That has to be appropriate too in order to be on the safe side. The reasons that you furnish has to be relevant to the reasons you are applying for your Visa. You will require to be fairly meticulous while filling up your form. Take for instance, if you are self-employed, and seeking to migrate to Canada, there will be a different application form altogether that you need to fill out.

Don’t forget to assimilate your important documents as you wait for your Visa:

The application fees are at the higher side and you will really need to wait with bated breath for the Visa. But, you need to ensure that all your documents are in place so as to avoid any inconveniences in the foreign land. We urge you to check whether you have arranged immigrant visa document and confirmation of permanent residence, a valid passport or travel document, at least 2 copies of the list of personal items you are bringing with you and definitely the monetary value of them.

Buy your personal health insurance:

We urge you to do this beforehand because this holds supreme importance. Canada is generous to offer free health insurance which gives a coverage up to three months as you reach Canada, but this will vary depending upon your province.

These are the simple yet useful information you need to take note of in case if you are looking to migrate to Canada.

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