Every Virgin Will Easily Relate To These Judgements That Are Made About Them!

Virgin Will Easily Relate To These Judgements

“Virgin Will Easily Relate To These Judgements”– Virginity is a big thing and losing it is even more.

In this world; if you’re a virgin then people will come up with their own thoughts which will indirectly judge your sex life. I mean; the more you’re aged the more you will be attacked with stereotypical thoughts.

In short; it’s almost like two opposite poles i.e. virgins x non-virgins. The people who are non-virgin almost feel like a BOSS whereas the people who are virgin are been labelled as “immature”. Thus, there are many such people who will laugh their pants off if you tell ‘em that you’re yet to lose virginity. (Yes, the way they show in movies and shows)

Nowadays people even hesitate to spill the real beans.

But all I know is “being virgin is not a mistake” & these judgements should be stopped.

Virgin will easily relate to these judgements :-

  1. They are not fully developed

Just because a person is virgin it doesn’t mean that he/she is not physically or mentally developed in their life. I mean; who knows the virgins might be smarter than the one who says they are non-virgin. And those pricks need to know that before a virgin – an individual is a person just like the non-virgins out there.

  1. They are waiting for the marriage

Alright! Even if a person is really waiting for it; I don’t think there’s anything wrong about it. Or it can also be that a person is actually waiting for that “someone” who loves ‘em back.

And to be honest; virgins don’t need to get their pants down in front of any unknown prick. Isn’t it?

  1. Something might be wrong with their body

First thing foremost; you’re not a doctor so don’t talk about the body issues. Just because a person is virgin it doesn’t mean that he/she have some body-problems. Got it?

  1. Virgins are good for nothing

Really? Now that’s how people judge your entire presence based on the sex-life. Well, they don’t even have any clue about your sex-life but just cause’ you’re virgin they will decide that you must be bad at everything.

  1. Virgins have no idea about sex

Stop It! Look there are many types of sex-educational mediums that help you learn about sex. Now only cause’ you need some sex-advice from someone; it shouldn’t matter that he/she must be a virgin only.

And as I mentioned; virgins can be smarter than you are. (Who knows? They can be)

  1. They always run away from intimacy

A person should feel comfortable while doing things and if they are not then why force yourself. Even if a person is getting chance to lose the virginity; it’s fine if he/she sense that they shouldn’t do it plus there are many non-virgins who regret losing it later.

In the end, it is a personal choice & that’s all.

This is the way Virgin Will Easily Relate To These Judgements – Any thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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