Traditional History Of Japanese Fashion And Noodles

japanese fashion and noodles

Kimono the traditional dress of Japanese fashion has been several centuries older that changed in style and appearance with the requirement and necessity of time. When we mention Kimono the attire of the robe is made of twelve layers. People before the Heian Period had the culture of dressing up in this thick, a dozen layered dress. Japan has been always signified for its different kinds of flavors in their noodles and the gorgeous decked up men and women.

Globally in only a few places of wide ranges of countries, it is Japan that both men and women wear the same styles of attires that we know as kimono. But now with the change of time the use and wearing have reduced, people wear it occasionally during certain occasions. Amazing silk fabric with soft colors, Japanese people roaming around, exclusively with the savor of the staple food, noodles.

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Culture of Japan

The shadow of the Japanese fashion and traditional culture is seen in the Matsuri festival. Not only the local people can participate but the tourists are also seen participating in this festival. Fun and joy are the main intentions of the festivals that the locals and tourists both observe.  Beautiful young and old boys and girls are seen in the traditional dress.

The traditional dresses of Kimonos that was into 12 layers were reduced by the Japanese Government after World war 2 that re-fashioned into shorter sleeves and reduced layers. The style of the crests at the neck, long broadened sleeves, and glossy silk fabric all together creates distinctive which is still traditional, ethnic, and attractive.

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Noodles in Japan

When you are into the local festival of Japan, the main delicious preparation of the noodles with a touch of the Japanese culture is still alive in the festivals. The flavors of noodles that started in 1900, have changed but still have the ethnicity of the country. Food and attire have been the oldest and equally popular globally. Best noodle recipes of Japan are:

Ramen: When you ask for noodles, it will be the first choice that will be served to you, as the most ancient preparation. Festivals in summers or winters all the year-round this ramen noodles are their pride to serve them in front of you to savor the food.

Somen:  Chilled noodles when served as it is stored in the ice container after cooking. It is for sure that you will never find this unique item anywhere in the world. Now add some Katsuobushi sauce and enjoy it on bamboo flumes.

Udon: Wheat-based thickest noodles of Japan, dipped in sauces or you can also love it in broth soup. Different types of Udon noodles are prepared to range from sweet to spicy preparations.

Modern Japanese fashion has changed that cannot be compared with the traditional culture but if you are searching for the Japanese tradition then the festivals as Yaki matsuri, Kanamara Matsuri, Gion Matsuri when the essence of ethnic Japan can be cherished. The celebrations have still held the base and importance which spreads joy to the locals and acts as an experience for the tourists.

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