Tips On How To Survive In A Big City!


They say big cities=big dreams!

Everyone dreams about shifting to a big city (If you aren’t born in one) because all we have heard about big cities is that they are your ultimate destination if you want to follow your dreams.

Shifting to a big city is easy, trust me anyone can shift but surviving isn’t that easy! But should you give up just because it isn’t easy? Hell no! Remember the bigger your dreams are, the bigger risks you have to take.

You just need to have some tips handy that may make your stay easier.

So today I am going to share a few tips on how to survive in a big city!

1)  Have a plan!

You need to have a plan if you are thinking of shifting to a big city. You need to be sure what exactly you want to do when you shift. In case you are shifting to find a job, ensure you have a list of companies you want to opt for. Best is to have a job before shifting to that city. Trust me you will have a tough time in case you have no aim or plan. Searching for a job can be very tiring and a few failures can crash all your confidence. So ensure you have plan A, plan B or even plan C.

2)  Ensure you have map or even apps that helps you to roam around!

A new place make you feel like an alien, but if you want to survive there act like one of the local there. Travelling in an auto or taxis and acting like a tourist can definitely burn a few hole in your pockets. Having an idea even when you have no idea about the city can save your time and money. Some cab drivers will drive longer routes to charge more, so be extra cautious of that (Not all, but then there will be some). I am sure you have a GPS on your smart phone, so time to use that fellas!

3)  Watch out for your expenses!

Most important thing is to watch out for your expenses. Big cities are expensive too but not that expensive if you know how to spend wisely. Remember not to waste your money on things that aren’t important, rather save money which will help you fight those bad days.

4)  Look for cheap but safe neighbourhood..

There are some localities which are cheap as compared to other areas. Search for one of those areas where even commuting is easy and where you have easy access to everything you need on a daily basis.

5)  Rather than spending on food outside, try to be your own chef 😉

Admit it, we spend a lot of money on this. Who wants to cook when you have all the restaurants number in your phone book? But if you are keen on saving your money, you have to stop spending on restaurants and fast food outlets. And most importantly you will become a better cook too!

6)  Be in touch with locals!

They are the people who were born in that city and they know it all! They can help you with the cheapest places where you can eat, shop and even live. Yes there are places in big cities that offer you amazing things at a lesser price, so why not make use of it? But be sure the one you are asking is trustworthy!

7)  Your safety is in your hands, stay alert!

You don’t know anything about the place and sometime you may run into trouble, but by being alert you can save yourself from any trouble there. You need to be cautious which place you are travelling to, ensure you don’t roam around at odd hours. You must have heard about theft in some areas so be cautious if you are at one of those areas. And they correctly say- Your safety is in your hands!

These are some of the tips that might help you to survive in a new city.

Don’t give up on your dreams just because you are having some troubles surviving in these big cities. Remember no risk, no gain. You have to struggle a bit to have the most amazing days of your life. And then you never know when your dreams become reality!

Have a happy stay.

The big city itself will teach you how to survive, I am learning too!

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