The Greatest Life Advice From The Billionaire Jeff Bezos

Jezz Bezos is a mighty name in the field of technology. He is the American technology entrepreneur who found Amazon.Inc . He is one of the richest persons in the world now who involves in a lot of philanthropic acts. Jezz Bezos’s success story is motivating to those who strive for greater success. This video from MotivationHub featuring Bezos rendered us speechless. Here. Bezos shared with us considerable wisdom that he acquired from his professional ventures.

As Robert Frost has once said, “Freedom lies in being bold’, bold makes you different from others. There are human and societal limitations and people will tell you what you can’t do. Only you can prove them wrong by your perseverance. If you want a monumental success, you need passion. Those who are driven by passion stop at nothing to make the world their oyster. The intensity of your passion should be like the veritable tornado sweeping across the plains, flattening everything in its way and tossing everything up in the air. Your passion chooses you, it awakens you when you are foggy. Your duty is to embrace it and follow head on.

Somewhere, we are all walking bundles of dysfunction, exhausted by the humdrum. Jeff Bezos tells you to create a work life balance and you will never feel demotivated by the wear and tear of corporate lives. He even shares anecdotes from the inception to success journey of Amazon.Inc where he also faced failures. There were shoreline shallows but he believed in himself and his team. Now, he has achieved what he has always aspired for. He tells us to embrace our failures and learn lesson from it.

There is no end of learning, the horizon of knowledge only expands. Just when you have the comforting pride after receiving a feat, you are exposed to new challenges. Life is like a video game, the levels only get tougher gradually.

Passion, he thinks is very important to you because it gives you a drive and a purpose. He thinks that the intellectual selves overrule our passions and the scenario has to change. As a leader of Amazon, he thinks his job is to encourage people to do better. He really finds it challenging to get people to understand their true call. He says that all the experiments are prone to failures but the big successes always compensate for it. Surprisingly, he says that he made billions of dollars from failures because he was always bold in his approach. If companies keep doing things two a penny, they end up being sidelined in the corporal scene. When you stop being experimental, all bets are off.

This video, in short, really energized us to do better. We will no longer be held back of the clusters of doubts that found space in our mind over the years. Thanks to Jeff Bezos, the paragon of wisdom.

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