Places Worst In Winter And Best During Summer

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The earth is bestowed with nature’s beauty. Some places in the world are best to visit during the summer while some are during. One part of the world experiences the hot weather while the other part feels the chilling winter. So, the changes in seasons become the most exciting part for travel lovers. Traveling to certain places during winter is uncomfortable and at the same time chilly as well as terrifying.

Places worst in winter for  travelers

Winters for travelers can be amazing unless there is a sudden core of cold weather. Different parts of the world have a wonderful soothing temperature during summer but are highly impossible during winter. Cities and states can fill minds with nature’s affection in summer, it is in winter that no one can step into the countries.

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Alaska, and railroads

One of the coldest places in the world is Alaska which turns worst in Winter. Travelers are less motivated to visit the parts of Alaska during the cold days of the year. It is during the summer that the place is ideal for travel lovers when they can move through the ways covered with beautiful landscapes visible. Trekking to the mountains and rivers is possible to enjoy during summers. Exploring the railroads, the adventures and forests are the best in the summertime.

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The Russia Komi Republic, icy land

The difficult times are the times of winter in Russia’s Komi Republic. The cold days are longer while on other hand the summers are short. To experience the beauty of rivers, landscapes and the Heritages of the country summer is the option. But during the winters it is covered with snow, with the lowest temperature of -58.1 degrees Celsius.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia worst in winter

Summer gives a new life to the snow-covered Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The cold, long, and dry times of winter are hard for tourists. It is already known that the cold times in Mongolia are not only long but also harsh with severe wind blows. Travelers can find the summer suitable for traveling around and exploring nature’s beauty. Enjoy the culture and nature of Russia and China.

Vostok Station, Antarctica

The lakes are main attraction of the Vostok station, Antarctica. It is worst in winters when the lakes are covered with snow. The harsh times on the cold days are unbearable as it has sub-zero temperatures. No one can see the sun at certain periods of the year. Travelers visit Lake Vostok, the largest lake on the planet in summer to escape the chilliness and moisture.

Hell, Norway

December to March is the worst of winters, as the name of the place itself indicates about the Hell, Norway. Cold winter reaches -25 degrees Celsius while in summer it is one of the tourist attractions. The village is located in the Central Norway region.

To find and explore the intensive beauty as well as visualize the different parts that are worst in winters, the summers are appropriate. These places seem to be adorned with beauties of nature.

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