Many Are Using “Olive Oil And Honey” Hair Mask – Here’s Why!

Olive Oil And Honey Hair Mask

Olive Oil And Honey Hair Mask – There are many out there who use “Olive Oil and Honey” hair mask to prevent hair problems. Instead of spending money on buying expensive hair products, many believe that using home remedy to prevent the problem is the best thing. Hair products have chemicals involved and sometimes, it damages hair and the problem doubles. I’m sure that many must’ve gone through this problem.

Thus, to prevent it without any problem, olive oil and honey hair mask works like magic. Honey is undoubtedly the best remedy to use as we all know its benefits. Honey can be used as a hair conditioner and shampoo booster. You can use it to strengthen your hair. Other than that; olive oil has its own benefits. It prevents dandruff, end split ends and it also helps to grow hair stronger and softer.

Using honey and olive oil hair mask works like a magic.

Here’s how you can use it –

What you need: Bowl, Spoon, Olive Oil and Honey.

Olive Oil And Honey Hair Mask

Method: Take your bowl, add 4 spoon of honey and then add 5 spoon of olive oil in it (depending on how much you need) Later, use the spoon to mix it all together thoroughly. Once it’s done, apply the mask onto your hair. Make sure that you’re applying it onto your hair properly and in every parts. Once you’re done doing that; cover your hair with a shower cap. Wait till 30 minutes minimum. Now it’s time to wash your hair. It’s understandable that honey cannot be removed so easily. So, you might have to wash your hair twice or till the mask is completely removed. You can use conditioner as well.

Later, you will notice that your hair has become shinier and softer and stronger. You will see that your hair are much better than they were BEFORE applying the mask. Note that you’ve to take care of your hair always.

Also, you can use this hair mask once in a week.

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