The Seven Major Mistakes Men Make While Shaving

Mistakes men make while shaving

Mistakes men make while shaving – Shaving is said to be a talent & every men tries to master in it.

In order to get a smooth shave; there are many who make silly mistakes & it later affects the skin badly. For e.g. the razor that one uses for years can also result into causing the damage.

No matter if you think that you are an expert in shaving; if you are always making these common mistakes then you probably need to avoid it.

The major mistakes men make while shaving include:

  1. Not changing the blades

Many men think it is quite OK to shave using the old blade itself as it will not cause any harm. And there is also a thought that using a new one might cause cuts on the skin. But, let me tell you; the thinking is actually wrong because old blade holds bacteria in it and thus the skin burns later.

So it is necessary to keep changing the blades on a regular basis.

  1. Applying too much force while shaving

We totally understand; you want to look smart but stop digging your skin at-least. Using a lot of force to clear up everything again & again damages the skin and thus you will see the redness on the skin that results into causing the irritation.

  1. Cheap shaving creams

All men need to be very careful while purchasing the shaving creams as well. Well, choosing a cheap shaving cream is not a good idea to get a smooth shave. So, before buying do consult and purchase as the creams play an important part in shaving.

  1. Daily Shaving

Many are keen into making this mistake a lot.

It is absolutely wrong to keep on daily shaving once you see the hair growing. It is very important to let the beard grow naturally before giving it a closer shave.

  1. Washing face with cold water

Washing face with cold water only damages the skin because while shaving the cold water shrink makes the razor hard to act and thus causes severe burns.

Always smartly use the hot towel because it softens the hair and later results into getting a smooth shave.

  1. Not shaving the lower neck

Many men do this and trust me it looks bad. So while shaving; do make sure that you’re including the lower neck area too.

  1. Not having a post-shave routine

This is a major mistake that is done by a lot of men in order to save time.

A post-shave routine should always be done as it helps soothe the pain after shaving and it also protects the skin by dealing with the irritation.

 These are the major and common mistakes men make while shaving which needs to be avoided.

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