Karma is a Bitch!.. Believe it Or Not A Spiritual Journey

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Karma Is A Bitch! It is an old saying most of us find it as a true saying or proverb. Karma has always been a spiritual belief that whatever you do in your life it will return to you some way or the other, whatever you sow you will reap in your life.

 Why is the essence of karma so popular?

Fear has made bound to believe Karma Is A Bitch! If you are thinking about the reason for being in fear about the destiny which they have to face. You can understand the response through destiny. When your destiny shows a good result that means you have done good and if anything bad is seen then it is the bad result of karma.

Working on the right path is the best way to find your karma, it is spiritual freedom of the mind from all sorts of odds in life.

Without being concerned about the kind or type of work you should do, it is important to choose your work with dedication.Without being concerned about the kind or type of work you should do, it is important to choose your work with dedication.

Any work that is done with dedication will always make you successful. Too much of being competitive and jealous at the same time will put you into a rat race. And one can easily assume the results of the rat race, only those who are focused and interested to imply complete dedication will provide success in life.

 How are time and karma related?

According to the Buddhism religion, the meaning of karma and spirituality has been described with the connection between time and karma. The rebirth of a human will be determined based on the karma of a person. So, most of us believe that after several years of good works and action you are born as a human. 

The laws of Karma as stated by Buddhism are stated below:

  1. Utu Niyama: The reasons for rain, heat, and temperature all fall to this category, so the year you receive the best seasonal pleasure it is for sure you had a favorable Utu Niyama.
  2. Bija Niyama: Growth of seeds, plants, and nature-related ups and downs are decided by this niyama. The progressive growth of plants and agriculture.
  3. Karma Niyama: Whatever good or bad actions are carried by living beings, knowingly or unknowingly are rewarded in a same birth.
  4. Dharma Niyama: All laws of nature fall in this category.
  5. Citta Niyama: The intellects, mental health, consciousness of the mind all are in this category.karma is a bitch-3

In Buddhism, the value of karma has significant importance, but its existence has been believed to be beyond the introduction of the religion.

So, to resist the worst deeds or actions, the value of Karma has been a great reason for fear. Karma is a bitch because it alarms people about the pros and cons that they have to face whenever any evil deeds forfeit. 

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