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Progress in the future is calculative, the best way to calculate is for who compares today to yesterday. Intelligent compares their today with their earlier days. It is because each day brings new learning to mankind. Those who are able to improve their learning, skills, and way of living will move forward in life. To understand the basic changes it is essential to measure the present day with the past.

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How does it help as one compares today to yesterday?

If the mind turns to feel happy, it is somewhere showing the distinctive changes that have brought progress. Apart from it what are the other benefits that an intelligent will gain, when it compares today to yesterday?

Know your Mental Strength 

As the hard and strenuous time passes away a person is able to understand the mental strength as it faces wear and tear. How much is he or she able to understand any situation with sensitivity? It is possible by comparing the past to the present. If there is an increase in depth of handling situations tactfully. It was under obstacles or hurdles the mental strength has increased.

Holding the best experiences from the past to implement in the present is also a way to change. It will guide to understand that the problems and work effectively to the work in the present conditions or situations.

Know who and where you are today?

Not only progresses but also it becomes important to know about the flaws that may pull a person down anytime. Previous experiences from the past will always help a person to measure the weaknesses that he or she has to work on in the future. Proper measurement of the ability that is acquired after years of hard work today is possible.

This is the reason that an intelligent person compares today with tomorrow. Without having a mind blank as well as resist the mind free from confusions. He or she will know about the past position and also the place the same person is today. So, it will enable to decide a person’s status, if it has risen or fallen.


Cherish Growth through compares today 

When the mind and heart of a person agree with the growth or progress in life instance it wants to cherish the progress or growth. It is the time when a person will like to sit and lean back thinking about their yesterdays. It can be about a decade ago or only a few years the memories bloom to give good feelings for today.

It is a sign of intelligence to take pride in and cherish the growth of today. It helps in celebrating the hardships and struggles to reach the path of success and progress.  

Find the Friends in Need, today to yesterday

Find the best and close friends that are present despite hard times and at the time when there was nothing to give. Friends in need are actually the friends indeed! This is a fact that will never change even when a person has been poor or less successful to a millionaire.

One may find it a way to fantasize or dream about yesterdays. But it is a truth that any intelligent person will always judge their ability when compares today to yesterday



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