Five Types Of People You Meet In A Pub!

We meet these five types of people in every pub. Take a look!

Have you ever met somebody in a pub who didn’t know what the hell was up? Or someone who drank so much that he/she were punching the bouncer in the face? Well, we meet all kinds of folks while pub-hopping. Here are the top 5. Which category do you fall under?

Dressed-up and nowhere to go:
This is one of the most common kinds that you’d meet in a pub. They are dressed to kill, but do nothing to mingle or come on to the dance floor. They just watch and amuse themselves.

Dancing as if possessed:
After a couple of tequila shots, some burn the dance floor as if they have been possessed. The irritating part is, they will pull you to the floor and make a fool out of you as well! Goddamn them.

Drunk maniacs:
No, they can’t handle their drinks. Yes, they will still go bottoms up. You get the picture, don’t you? If being tipsy out of their frigging minds isn’t enough, they will puke all over the room too. Eeeew.

Bouncer tales:
Their ‘macho’ streak will pop up ONLY in pubs and they would be more than happy to pick up fights with the bouncers. Please stay away from these guys.

Making-out in the dark:
The dark interiors of pubs are reason enough for couples or even strangers to make-out. It’s pretty unsettling to walk into folks who are in the throes of passion. Hmm…at least, they’re getting some!

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